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Volleyball: Vikings beat Eagles 3-1


The Vikings beat Westside Christian 3-1 on Tuesday evening. Before the game, Coach Linda Rasor said, “[The girls] are getting used to me. I’m getting used to them. We’re getting better.”

The improvement showed on the court.

by: CORY MIMMS - Joslyn Stansfield leaps for the attack in the fourth and final set on Tuesday, playing against Westside Christian.

In the first set, the Vikings grabbed an early 3-0 lead, which turned into a 10-5 spread. From the beginning, Monica Poet played well in the attack zone, slamming spikes into Eagles’ territory. Freshman libero Rachel McCoy also impressed, pulling off diving saves before the first timeout.

After the timeout, the Eagles churned out a few points in the time the Vikings got one. At 11-10, Colton fought to maintain the lead.

Off a set by Joslyn Stansfield, Mikaela Shelton spiked. The Eagles returned it though. McCoy dove for the save but was short, giving the Eagles the tie, 11-11.Westside rallied, while the Vikings lost a bit of their momentum. The Eagles picked up four more points.

Jessica Parker got the next point for Colton, and the team as a whole regained the fight they began the set with. However, due to some defensive mistakes and some Vikings’ out-of-bounds hits, the Eagles stayed two points ahead.

Stansfield got two points tipping the ball into an unguarded Eagles backcourt, and Paige Lindstrom took one off a spike, taking the score to 21-21.

A Vikings’ error, along with an impressive save from McCoy, kept the game tie, 24-24. But the Vikings managed to get the last two points, ending the first set as close as it gets, 26-24.

Set two

The Eagles came back vengeful in the second set. They got up to a 0-9 lead. The Vikings lacked precision, sending spikes and passes out of bounds.

Colton took a few points off Eagles’ errors, and Caitlin Weinberger and Megan McCoy made saves that kept the Eagles from pulling too far ahead before the second timeout.

Vikings fans shook green-and-gold pompoms and chanted “Vikings power!”

Despite the crowd’s enthusiasm, Colton couldn’t close the early lead the Eagles got, and the set ended 15-25.

Set three

In set three, the Vikings weren’t playing around anymore. They came out on point with a 6-1 lead, which turned into a 12-4 lead.

Stansfield continued as a key player, laying down spikes. Brynn Choruby, Parker and Lindstrom also collected points.

After a timeout, the Eagles regrouped and almost came back. The Vikings were up 24-15, only needing one point to close the set, but they had trouble on offense. It seemed everything they sent over the net flew out of bounds. They took the win on a bungled Eagles’ attack.


Going into set four 2-1, the Vikings cleaned up their attacking game. The Eagles kept up at first, but Colton slowly managed to get a 13-6 lead.

Stansfield played the corner of the attack zone well, and indeed it looked as if she knew it. Every time she sent one bouncing off the Eagles’ court, she smiled.

The scoreboard read 24-16 when Mckenna Gilstrap got the final point off a clean spike at center net.

The Vikings took the victory 3-1.