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Soccer: Molalla fights Philomath in the heat


The Indians stepped onto the field in 90-degree weather Tuesday afternoon. It was clear early in the game that the Philomath Warriors were a good match.

Molalla started out defending their territory. Goalkeeper A.J. Escalante was on point though, keeping Philomath from getting an early point. by: CORY MIMMS - A.J. Escalante sends the ball out of Molalla's territory.

Five minutes into the game, the Indians took control of the ball. Luis Rojas passed to Darian Baughman, who took the shot but it was off goal. In the next six minutes, Molalla hammer in two more shots, but Philomath’s goalkeeper snagged them up.

Philomath drove the ball back into Molalla’s territory in the 20th and got a penalty kick. Molalla lined up to block. The ball flew over their heads and bounced off the goal. Three Warriors rushed in, but Escalante scooped it up before they could score.

As the first half pushed on, both teams had good moments. Erik Dickson played wily and smart, burning through Philomath’s midfield. Luis Mendoza got a shot on goal in the tenth minute, but Philomath’s goalkeeper was on it.

Two minutes later, Molalla drove up field, and Baughman got a chance. He took the shot center goal, and the Indians took the lead 1-0.

In the second half, both sides came out hustling, heads up, chins down.

Emmanuel Aquino swapped Escalante at the goal, and Philomath made him work hard. Aquino made a save early on, in the 35th minute, but he got caught out of the goal in the 27th minute. Philomath’s Trevor Sartnurak bumped the ball in, securing the 1-1 tie.

In the 14th minute, Luis Rojas cramped up and was taken off the field.

Philomath regrouped and took control of the ball. They sent two on goal back to back, but Aquino pounced on them, keeping the tie. However, in the 4th minute, Philomath got one past him and took the lead 1-2.

Molalla tried for the tie. Angel Jarquin, Benito Ortiz and Mendoza pushed through Philomath’s defense with smart passes. Before the two-minute mark and with only a fraction of a second to set up before the Warriors were on him, Dickson got a shot. Philomath’s keeper stopped it though.

The Indians made one last play for a goal with less than a minute left. Mendoza took the shot and missed right by inches.

The game ended with a 1-2 loss.