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Volleyball: Molalla defeats Sweet Home


The Indians defeated the Sweet Home Huskies in non-league play on Tuesday, Sept. 3. The game was close, going five sets, but in the end Molalla came out with a 3-2 win.

The Huskies got an early 7-0 lead in set one before the first timeout. They continued to rack up points after the timeout and took the lead to 3-13, but the Indians cleaned up their play.

Janelle Ferlan was at the net, keeping the Huskies from securing easy points, while Sarah Salerno and Ashley Alexander controlled the backcourt, making hard saves and setting up the offense with precise passes. Helen Daniels drove spikes into unguarded Huskies territory, and the spread closed 15-18 at the second timeout.

Molalla hit the court just as calculated after the timeout and tied the game 18-18 with a spike from Ashley Johnson.

Johnson, Ferlan, and Katelin Satyna kept the Huskies on their toes, as the score remained within two points of tie. However, the Huskies nabbed the final point, ending the first set 24-26.by: CORY MIMMS - Katelin Satyna sends one over Sweet Home's defense.

The Indians kept the score close out the gate in set two, but the Huskies managed to pull ahead 5-10.

Molalla’s girls made clean passes and picked up a few points from Huskies’ errors. They kept Sweet Home from scoring again before the first timeout, at 9-10.

After the timeout, the Huskies grabbed six more points before the Indians got another. The Huskies defense was hard to break, but Johnson got a clean point off a spike. A few missed returns left the score 15-21 at the second timeout.

The score was 16-23 shortly after the timeout, and it seemed the Huskies would take the second set as well. But Haley Thrower joined Johnson at the net, and the game turned before the Indians left the court for the next timeout, at 22-24.

The Huskies sent a ball out of bounds and a spike from Johnson tied the set 24-24. The Indians regrouped and took two more points, winning 26-24.

With two close sets behind them, the Indians looked confidant on the court. Yet, they didn’t do as well in the third set, which ended 12-25. However, the next two sets ended in the Indians’ favor, at 25-21 and 15-9.

Molalla left the court with the win. They play Scappoose next, on the road, on Thursday, Sept. 5.