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Vest racing takes 16th


Vest racing took 16th in their class in the 2013 Vegas to Reno Best in the Desert race.

During the qualifying race, Troy Vest said he was aiming for a top-20 starting position, but after skidding off the course twice, he ended up with the 37th position.

On race day, Vest and his navigator, Geno Licitra, were having a good race. At the 200-mile mark they had moved up 20 positions and were fifth on the course with corrected time.

Then things soured a little. They hit a g-out that kicked the back end over. The truck flipped end over end twice. Though they landed back on the wheels and were able to drive 15 miles to the next pit, the truck needed a new control arm. They barrowed the part from another team, but the maintenance cost them two and half hours.

After the fix, Vest and Licitra opted not to get back in the truck. They weren’t injured—only sore—but they wanted to make sure of that fact.

Billy Goerke and Vest’s son, Ben, stepped in and finished the race.

Up next, they are heading to Parker, Ariz., for the Bluewater Desert Challenge, a two-day event in October.