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Molalla voters did the right thing in supporting the fire district

To the editor:

Molalla voters did the right thing in passing the bond and levy needed by the Molalla Fire District.

Your community can stand proud, knowing you showed strong support for your firefighters and paramedics when that support was truly needed.

Peggy Savage’s story on the Molalla Pioneer website Wednesday morning says it all: “Voters came through at the ballot box for the Molalla Fire District Tuesday.”

The paper and the Molalla Fire Board did a great job of explaining what is needed by Molalla Fire District to keep people safe and why it is needed. When voters understood how important their ‘yes’ vote was for local firefighters, they came through.

Anne Miller


A slippery slope

To the editor:

The judge who recently struck down Oregon's laws against homosexual marriage evidently hasn’t learned much from the past. In a way, weren't we here a couple thousand years ago? The ancient and primitive Greeks and Romans crassly valued homosexual relations. But eventually the people wised up and realized that was a mistake (e.g., Plato condemned homosexual activity), and homosexual activity was again logically deemed unethical and was basically driven underground.

Now, misguided, ever-so-trendy “progressives” are trying to take us back thousands of years to more primitive and decadent times, despite the fact that thinking people have known for centuries that homosexual activity is immoral and a bad legal precedent. (It's easy to show that all the arguments homosexuals use to try to rationalize homosexual activity are seriously flawed.)

It may surprise you that some colleges like Harvard now have officially recognized student groups devoted to promoting the acceptance of BDSM — sexually deviant bondage, discipline, sadism, and masochism. That's right. If you are a student who gets turned on by smacking people around, some colleges like Harvard now have groups for you. Bizarre.

He who has eyes to see, let them see. The logic of heterophobic homosexuals is rapidly leading this society down a slippery slope to a more aberrant, disordered, and irrational society. Legal polygamy is coming soon. Maybe down the line we'll see marriage between straight and homosexual consenting-adult incestuous people. Whoopee. Anyone who thinks this is progress is deluding him or herself. Rome didn't fall in a day. But it did fall. Let's not join the race to the bottom.

Wayne Lela

Downers Grove, Il.

Reader outraged by the way people treat Molalla cemeteries

To the editor:

I am writing this letter in memory of my mother Grace Wyland. She died January of 2005. My mother was the most giving, loving and grateful woman I have ever known.

On this last Mother's Day, my sister and I went to Adams Cemetery to pay our respects to our mother as we miss her so much. We planted flowers. We spent time knowing the most precious gift we could give our mother is time. Our mother would give a stranger or a friend $10, even if she had only $20 to last her another week.

So to get to the point, the flowers were left on her gravestone. Well, someone decided they needed them more and took them the same night. Our father, Bill Wyland, and step-mom, Sheri, went to the cemetery to pay their respects that night, and the flowers were gone.

Our father takes such good care of Molalla Memorial Cemetery. He has maintained the property for many years. What happens there really is another point I would like to share with you. Almost every weekend, people go up there to drink and do drugs. They leave beer cans and garbage, and this is just not right.

We are outraged by the way people treat the cemeteries in Molalla. The one thing that I know is that our mother would say, “Well, they must have really needed those flowers.”

Lisa Wyland-Antonich


Feral cats need good barns

To the editor:

Oregon’s feral cat crisis. As a local 501c3 non-profit that traps, spays, neuters, and relocates hundreds of feral cats throughout Multnomah, Clackamas, and Marion counties each year, we are in constant need of barn homes, stables, wineries -- any type of outdoor structure that can house a cat(s).

The cat(s) come to you already altered, vaccinated, and treated for fleas and parasites. There is no adoption fee for a "barn home" cat. The barn owner must, however, promise to provide food and water for the cat(s) from that point forward.

Cats are great for rodent control in your outdoor structures, not to mention the fact you are significantly improving their quality of life.

For more information, please contact Meow Village at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 503-789-9372

Thank you and please be responsible -- spay and neuter.

Marsha Grow


Salem reader votes for Darnell

To the editor:

The Oregon primary election process is the time when partisan voters can sweep from public office incumbents they believe no longer represent them, case in point, Vic Gilliam, the current state representative for House District 18.

In 2013 Oregon Republican Party leadership opposed driver licenses for those who can’t prove legal presence in the country.

During the 2013 Oregon State legislative session Rep. Gilliam was a sponsor of Senate Bill 833, legislation that was passed and signed into law that would grant driver cards to persons illegally in the country.

After the legislation passed, more than 71,000 Oregon voters signed a Referendum 301 signature sheet that will put the SB 833 driver card legislation before voters in November 2014.

In an example of legislative arrogance, during the 2014 legislative session Rep. Gilliam was a sponsor of House Bill 4054, legislation that would have rewritten the ballot title of Referendum 301 in an attempt to obscure the consequences of the legislation from voters.

Republicans in HD18 have a better choice to represent them in Salem; his name is David Darnell. His campaign promise “I will vote like a Republican should.”

David Cross


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