The aquatic district will handle operation of the Molalla Aquatic Center, which has been closed to the community since the city of Molalla locked the doors in 2014.

PIONEER FILE PHOTO - Molalla Aquatic Center will repopen for the community now that voters have passed a measure for formation of a Molalla Aquatic District.Molalla area families will once again have access to their public swimming pool now that voters in the Molalla River School District have given a resounding yes to formation of a Molalla Aquatic District.

Measure 3-516, Formation of the Molalla Aquatic District to operate Molalla Aquatic Center, passed with 2,221 yes votes: 62.21 percent — compared to 1,349 no votes, at 37. 79 percent.

The community has been locked out of the Molalla Aquatic Center since the city of Molalla closed the center down more than two years ago. Now with formation of the aquatic district and election of the board members, the pool will be opened to the public.

Voters also selected who they want to serve as directors of the Molalla Aquatic District for the next four years.

Altogether, seven candidates vied for the five seats on the board. Those elected include: Paula Beck, Neal Lucht, Marilyn Bloch, Claire Ferlan and Teresa Steinbock.

Measure 3-516: Formation of a Molalla Aquatic District Votes

Votes - Percentage of votes cast

Yes - 2221 - 62.21%

No - 1349 - 37.79%

Total votes cast: 3,570.

Molalla Aquatic District Directors

Candidate - Votes - Percentage of votes

Claire M Ferlan - 1683 - 17.18%

Neal Lucht - 1614 - 16.47%

Paula Beck - 1597 - 16.30%

Marilyn Bloch - 1380 - 14.08%

Teresa Steinbock - 1386 - 14.14%

Eileen Boss - 1207 - 12.32%

Ralph W Gierke - 932 - 9.51%


Molalla River School District:

Only one seat was contested on the Molalla River School District Board of Directors. For position 6, Jennifer Satter won the seat with 61.9 percent of the votes over Leonard Sano.

MRSD, Director, Position 6:

Jennifer Satter – 1431 - 61.97%

Leonard Sano - 878 - 38.03%

MRSD, Director, Position 2: Calvin L Nunn -1841 votes

MRSD, Director, Position 3: Mark Lucht - 1964 votes

MRSD, Director, Position 5: Craig Loughridge – 1902 votes

Colton School District:

Both candidates for the Colton School District Board of Directors ran unopposed.

Position 3 Timothy J Behrens - 309 votes

Position 4 Brad Kuhn – 302 votes

Molalla Fire District:

Both candidates ran unopposed.

Todd Gary – 1621 votes

Brian Lister – 1629 votes

Colton Fire District:

Director, Position 3: James A Postlewait, uncontested

Director, Position 4 - No Candidate Filed, but write-in votes have come in for about 25 people

The write-in votes are still being counted, but at this time, Tom Judd and Timothy Behrens are tied with 3 write-in votes each.

Colton Water District

Position 2: Ken Carroll ran unopposed for the four-year term

Position 3: No Candidate filed for the four-year term, but 20 write-in votes were cast, with Jose Rodriguez sinning with 5 votes, or 25 percent of the votes cast.

Position 5: No candidate filed for the two-year term, but 19 write-in votes were cast. Carl Stevens won with 6 votes, or 31.58 percent of the votes cast.

Mulino Water District Commissioner:

Position 1: Marnie Meuret ran unopposed for the two-year term

Position 2: no candidate filed for the two-year term, but five write-in votes were cast, with candidates receiving one vote each. However, three of the candidates with one vote each were for the same person, with his name spelled three different ways on each write-in: Pete Raschio, Pete Rashio, and Peter Raschio.

Position 3: Roland Hege ran unopposed.

Position 4: Terry Anthony ran unopposed

Position 5 – no candidate filed: Two write-in votes went to Joe Asti, however, giving him 50 percent of the votes cast for position 5.

South Clackamas Transportation District Directors

Four positions were open, but only two candidates filed. Thomas Eskridge and Christina Reynaga received about 46.5 percent of the votes each.

The remaining votes were spread out between about 125 people who received write-in votes.

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