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Meet local farmers at Molalla's Farmers Fair

The annual event at Molalla High School connects the community with local farmers and promotes eating healthy locally grown meat, fruits and vegtables

PEGGY SAVGE - Simmington Farms was one of many local farms represented at last year's Farmers Fair.
More than 45 local farms will participate in this year's February Farmers Fair to be held at Molalla High School.

Presented by Food for Life and the MHS Culture Club, the event will take place from 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 25, in the school's commons.

Local farms and agricultural businesses will be represented at the annual fair, with a larger marketing outreach to surrounding areas than last year.

Tom and Marian Sawtell will be on hand representing Molalla Farmers Market with a booth right inside the doors to the fair.

Sarah Petty, a Food for Life co-leader, said the purpose of the event is to introduce farmers to the local community and surrounding areas.

"This year we have more than 60 vendors, including 45 local farms, food, and health and wellness vendors," Petty said. "And this year we have more farms represented from right around this area than we've ever had. So this will be exciting for this community – more of our farmers from Molalla, Beaver Creek, Mulino and Canby want to participate in the fair."

Petty said one of the goals of the fair is to educate the community about where fresh, healthy food is located. "Buy local, support local" has been the fair's mission.

"Essentially we are letting people know these farms are your grocery store," she said. "We are surrounded by this abundant food, and we are trying to connect farmers to the community so we have a source to get fresh food from and support our economy at the same time."

The fair will feature farms raising vegetables, livestock, berries, fruit and the local seed company — any farm that's food related.

Last year 700 people attended. This year, between 850 to 1,000 people are expected.

"The fair has been growing exponentially each year," she said. "As always, our goal is to provide real food for our community and to connect our community with our local health and wellness providers."

Food for purchase will be provided by the Molalla High School Culture Club. The students man a food booth to raise funds for the club.

Entertainment will be provided by Al Rose and the Other Guys, a popular local music group that presents a musical performance enjoyed at many local events, including last summer's Molalla Farmers Market and the Apple Festival.

Something fun throughout the day, will be the random prizes to be given out to those attending the fair — little gift packets from the local vendors.

"We are really excited that the community is responding so well to this event, and that farms are asking to be a part of this," Petty said. "They like that they can connect with community members. The fair helps elevate the local economy and offers a way for the local farmers and community members to meet."

A few of the local farms that will be at the fair this coming Saturday include:

Abbey Farm

Blueberry Sunrise Farm

Brown Bottle Farm

Campfire Farm