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Molalla council sworn in


Three new councilors and a new mayor took oath of office

CITY OF MOLALLA - Molalla Mayor Debbie Rogge administers the oath of office to mewly-elected mayor, Jimmy Thompson. Molalla's Mayor Debbie Rogge, above, swore in newly elected mayor, Jimmy Thompson, in a ceremony at last week's city council meeting. Rogge, who has served as mayor the last four years, decided last year not to run for re-election. Thompson was a former city councilor.

Following his oath of office, Thompson's first duty as new mayor was to swear in three new councilors, right. From top down: Cindy Dragowsky, Keith Swigart and Delise Palumbo.

They replace former councilors Jason Griswold, Stephen Clark and Thompson, whose terms ended Dec. 31.

CITY OF MOLALLA - Keith Swigart takes the oath of office as one of three new Molalla city councilors.

CITY OF MOLALLA - Delise Palumbo takes the oath of office as a new Molalla city councilor.

CITY OF MOLALLA - Thompson administers oath of office to new Molalla city councilor, Cindy Dragowsky.