by: JENNA HIRD, MOLALLA FIRE DISTRICT - Molalla Firefighters Dave Scuito & Evan Fawcett manning hoses at a residential fire Monday afternoon on Elisha Road.Molalla Fire District was one of seven fire departments called in to contain a house fire Monday afternoon on Elisha Road, between Molalla and Canby.

Molalla Fire Chief Vince Stafford said the fire broke out around 3:30 p.m. Monday, while he and many of his crew were handling the traffic accident on Highway 213.

“We were coming back from the car wreck when we saw a column of black smoke,” Stafford said. “Originally it was toned out as a Canby fire, and we had conflicting information on the address. Some said Toliver Road and some said Barnards. So we went as mutual aid.”

Firefighters from Molalla, Colton, Canby, Clackamas, Aurora, Monitor and an engine from TVFR responded. Stafford said all of them were needed.

“It was a stubborn fire,” he said. “It took seven hours to get it out, and it took all of us to do it.”

by: JENNA HIRD - Seven stations responded to this fire, including Molalla, Colton, Canby, Clackamas, Aurora, Monitor and an engine from TVFR
When Molalla firefighters arrived, the fire was in the garage and spreading to the house , then spread to the attic and underneath the house. The home, at 30368 S. Elisha Road, belongs to Keith Williams. The family dog perished in the fire, apparently overcome by smoke, he said.

“We had conflicting reports that someone was inside the house, so we did a search until we were sure everyone was out,” he said. “It looked like it started as a car fire in the carport-garage. They said they heard a pop and saw flames and called 911 right away.”

Stafford said the house was basically a total loss. Although firefighters were able to save a couple of rooms from the flames, there was still water damage in those rooms.

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