The Molalla City Council Wednesday unanimously voted to extend the city skate park’s temporary probation period for another 90 days.

The fence surrounding the park will stay up during that time, and supervision will still be required during park open hours. When the city does close the park, however, the council said it will close for good.

The city closed and fenced the park in January, due to numerous complaints from police, citizens, nearby business owners and the Molalla Adult Community Center.

Complaints included activities going on at and near the park of littering, loitering, minors carrying firearms in the skate park, drug deals on numerous occasions, underaged smoking and a complete lack of respect of local business people and people using the adult center.

A group of adults and teens in the newly formed Molalla Youth Summit Committee had lobbied the council on behalf of reopening the skate park on the 30-day trial period.

The group had offered to monitor the skate park during the probationary period and again offered to continue monitoring the skate park for the 90-day extension.

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