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Pepco Designs outgrows its shop


Pepco Designs is on the move again. The shop, which specializes in custom embroidery and screen printing, is now located at 106 Engle Avenue, in Molalla. The new location gives them plenty of more space, in “the heart of Molalla,” shop owner Connie Farrens said.

Pepco Designs was previously located at 523 E. Main, in the old Hoffman House, but the shop outgrew that location about a year ago, Farrens said. Growing has been the trend for the shop since opening six years ago. This is the third location it’s been in, each time gaining more floor space.

“We’ve grown at least 20 percent every year,” Farrens said, which is particularly amazing as she opened during the recession. Since then, Farrens has seen a lot of change in Molalla’s businesses.

“Some businesses have struggled,” she said, but mostly there have been “positive changes. It’s a great community.”

Grand Marshal Services, a nonprofit organization based in Beavercreek, Ore., helped move Pepco Designs. According to the organizations website, they provide labor and services to “the everyday person who needs help.”

Farrens also had her three employees help move the shop, and one loyal customer who volunteered time.