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Comfort on the lanes


Molalla Bowl upgrades heating and air conditioning.

by: CORY MIMMS - Workers prepare to install new HVAC at Molalla Bowl.Molalla Bowl began installing new air conditioning and heating units last week, which will make for a much more comfortable bowling experience.

The old heating and cooling units were from the 1970s, owner Shawn Copeland said. “They were wildly inefficient.”

The old system, which Copeland said was underpowered and too small, had three vents above the lanes. The new system has four times that many. Also, the old units worked at about 40 percent efficiency, Copeland said, meaning that for every dollar spent running them, they only produced 40 cents worth of air. The new system will run around 90 percent efficient.

“You don’t think about heating and cooling unless it’s not working,” Copeland said.

Copeland said the last few summers have been extremely hot in Molalla Bowl, and during the colder months it was cool enough that “you could almost hang meat” above the lanes. Molalla Bowl’s patrons agree, and that’s been cutting into the business.

Parts of the system were up and running last week, but the entire system will take a couple weeks to completely install.

“Hopefully bowlers will want to bowl more this summer,” Copeland said. “It’s time to go bowling.”