Passadorés Pizza gets liquor license approval but runs into additional construction costs

Last week, the Molalla City Council approved a liquor license for Passadorés Pizza, which Tim and Gina Bilyeu intend to open on Main Street in Molalla.

The license is now in the final stages of approval with the Oregon Liquor Control Commission, and though that part of the process is on track, the building remodel hit a bit of bump.

The Bilyeus were hoping to install a grease removal system that is less expensive and more easily installed than a grease trap interceptor, but the county didn’t approve the system. They’ll now have to dig up much of the kitchen and parking lot to install the new plumbing, Tim said. “It’s hitting us in the pocketbook pretty hard.”

The Bilyeus are pressing on and adapting to the added challenge. If all goes as planned, Tim said, next week they’ll be launching a project fund, which he hopes will bring in the $23,000 of added construction costs and other equipment needed to open the restaurant.

“We’re still shooting for an early December opening,” Tim said, but added that realistically they will probably be opening the first week of January.

Outside of the new plumbing, the restaurant’s interior is falling into place. “It’s starting to take some shape,” Tim said.

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