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Schrader introduces bill Thursday that would cancel pay for all members of Congress in any future shutdown.


The congressman had announced earlier he will donate his congressional pay to charities during the current government shutdown

by: FILE PHOTO - Rep. Kurt SchraderOregon Rep. Kurt Schrader today introduced a bill that would cancel pay for members of Congress during future government shutdowns.

“In the real world if you don’t do your job, you don’t get paid,” Schrader said. “It should be no different for lawmakers. I came to Washington to solve our economic problems and get folks back to work, not to play cat and mouse with the welfare of Oregon’s working families and striving businesses. I hope that this bill serves as a wakeup call to my colleagues that it is inappropriate to shut down the federal government and threaten the livelihoods of millions of Americans for the sake of political posturing. There are bipartisan solutions to every problem. I suggest my colleagues join me in working to find them or put their paychecks on the line.”

Tuesday, Schrader said he will donate the congressional salary he collects during the current government shutdown to a local Oregon charity.

" I firmly believe that if Members of Congress fail to perform their most basic duty in passing a budget, then they do not deserve to be paid," Schrader said in a statement released Tuesday. " It’s time for Congress to get its act together.”

Schrader released the statement after House Republicans guaranteed a government shutdown by refusing to pass a resolution to fund government operations:

“Right now, Oregonians expect their Congress to work together to pass a budget, create certainty in the markets for investors and get folks back to working good, family-wage jobs,” Schrader said. “What they do not expect from us is to pound our chests over lost political causes, risk shutting down the economy and end vital services and investments they depend on.

Schrader accused Republicans of catering to "their reckless Tea Party ideologues and shut down the U.S. government, rather than "coming to the table and working with willing Democrats like me" to find middle ground on the nation’s budget problems.

“The Tea Party cannot begin to justify this terrible mess that they have made," he said. "They argue against policy riders then attach amendments to dismantle the health care law in a continuing resolution. They argue that the health care law must be delayed to provide certainty to the American people then pass a bill that creates more uncertainty for a longer period of time. They argue that Congress must tackle our deficits then pass a bill that adds to them.

“I will continue to work with my more thoughtful and reasonable Democratic and Republican friends on putting forward a substantive long-term deficit reduction and immediate jobs package that encourages economic investment in the U.S., strengthens our entitlement programs for the next generation and ends the can kicking that we are all sick of."