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A guiding force at the adult center


Pat Cronin has served for several years as president of the Molalla Area Seniors and is a dedicated volunteer at the center.

Pat Cronin and her granddaughter at a Molalla Adult Community Center eventFor all those seniors and more out there who have been around the senior center, and around town for that matter, you probably know who Pat Cronin is. If you don’t, you should. She is a wonderful lady in our town who has been a major part in keeping the Molalla Senior Community Center alive and well in Molalla.

Pat Cronin has been president, secretary, treasurer, committee chairman, and donator to our senior center. She did whatever she could to keep it going. It was through her work and enthusiasm the tables were purchased, the computers, the books etc. were supplied to the center. Pat was there putting her input, contributing, raising funds, organizing events, whatever it took, Pat was there. She has personally started an endowment fund for the center. She helps raise funds with quilting ladies, raffling quilting, or auctioning or whatever, the beautiful quilts they make at the center.

She takes time from her life to take people to doctors, or other appointments, she is a volunteer server, she basically helps wherever she can. I remember a fashion show I believe she was in charge of, (quite a while back) items from the Emporium in Oregon City were modeled. That’s how long Pat’s been involved with the center. Pat also is an avid member in the Ladies Red Hat Society, and probably organized it, although I don’t know that for sure.

Pat is a storehouse of information: whenever anyone needed information, they went to Pat for help. She was originally from Michigan, and a registered nurse at that. She details everything she does, and is enthusiastic about everything she gets involved with.

On top of all her work and help with the senior center, Pat is a “Fantastic Grandma.” She goes on trips with her grandchildren, is always shopping for or with them, helping them with school or other projects. She is involved with them and loves them very much.

I have known Pat Cronin for many years, and have seen the things that she does, but several people have told me of more of these things that she has done for people. She has been a great asset to the senior center and to our Molalla community as a whole. We need more people like her, and I am proud to call her my friend. When you see her, acknowledge what she has done for us, and thank her.