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Head Start closes in Molalla


Preschoolers from Molalla can attend classes in Mulino

The Head Start program at 300 East Main Street in Molalla has recently closed, but Molalla pre-schoolers who qualify can attend Head Start classes in Mulino.

The Oregon Child Development Center building in Mulino will serve both Molalla and Mulino children, said April Gonzales, a spokeswoman for Clackamas County Childrens Commission Head Start.

Gonzalez said no school bus transportation will be provided to the center this year.

“A city transfer bus will be available from Molalla to Mulino, but the vast majority of parents take their own children back and forth to Head Start,” she said. “Right now, there is still room for more students and applications are taken year-round for regular and early Head Start. But we are already starting to fill up the classrooms, so parents should register their children the sooner the better because once the seats are filled, we can’t add more students until someone drops out, or we have more funding.”

There is no charge to participate in Head Start. The preschool classes focus on the skills that children will need to succeed in kindergarten, including social, emotional, cognitive, physical and language development.

Both Early Headstart and regular Headstart are offered at the center. Early Headstart is for babies up to 3 years of age.

Clackamas County Head Start is a non-profit organization that serves 3- and 4-year-old children of low-income families residing in Clackamas County. Head Start does not charge any fees. The organization provides quality pre-school education, nutritious meals, regular health screenings including HYPERLINK "http://cccchs.org/" dental, vision, and hearing, a mental health staff, and family services including home visits.

Applications for free pre-school for HYPERLINK "http://molalla.net/community.html" low income Molalla and Mulino families are not available online. For more information or to apply, call Clackamas County Children’s Commission at 503-675-4565.