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Will you celebrate National Grandparents Day?


National Grandparents Day, an often overlooked holiday, falls on Sept. 7 this year. It is a time to gather family members of all generations to spend time together.

President Jimmy Carter signed a proclamation in 1979 declaring the first Sunday after Labor Day to be National Grandparents Day. Many people are unaware of the history behind the holiday. Marian McQuade, a housewife from West Virginia, is known as the initial advocate of Grandparents Day. A lifelong advocate of the aging, McQuade encouraged grandchildren across the country to relish in the rich history and wisdom of their grandparents’ years.

How will you honor your grandparents on National Grandparent Day? Some suggestions would be to plan a picnic at any of the parks in the area, tour the Gallery Without Walls or McLean House, take a boat or trolley ride or attend a theater or sporting event.

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