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Meet Carole Lukas for lunch on Mondays

WLACC volunteer enjoys helping serve lunches

SUBMITTED PHOTO - Carole Lukas, who is not related to George Lukas, helps serve and clean up lunches on Mondays at the West Linn Adult Community Center. More volunteers are needed for a variety of jobs.

Carole Lukas wishes she were related to filmmaker George Lukas, but she’s not.

But instead of lamenting the relationship that isn’t, she’s decided to do something constructive with her time: volunteer at the West Linn Adult Community Center.

For the last three-and-a-half months, she’s been helping to set up, serve and clean up our Monday lunches. Since WLACC lunches are catered by The Stafford in Lake Oswego, there isn’t much cooking to be done, only dining room set up and aftermath dishwashing.

“I get satisfaction working as a volunteer,” Lukas says. “I get to meet so many nice people, and it gives me the chance to give back to my adopted community, West Linn.”

Lukas has already signed up for another volunteer job with the City of West Linn. She’s going to be a Haunted Trail volunteer for the annual Halloween event at Maddox Woods. Her duties will be “as assigned,” but she’s happy to do whatever she’s asked.

Lukas first came to West Linn from Southern California in order to visit her brother and sister-in-law. She says that West Linn neighborhoods reminded her of her childhood neighborhoods in Ohio. So she packed up and left California for the more welcoming city of West Linn where she continued her job of selling steel from home. Really. She didn’t have to manufacture the steel at home, thankfully, just sell it.

When she’s not volunteering, Lukas enjoys hiking, reading and U.S. travel.

“There’s so much to see in the United States that I don’t feel a need to go overseas,” she says.

She’s hoping her next trip will be to Yellowstone National Park with some girlfriends.

She takes some hikes around the Northwest and is looking for a hiking group with modest hiking ambitions, perhaps a senior group. Recently, Lukas had a knee replacement and went through the required uncomfortable rehab. But now, the knee works well, and she’s back on the trails.

If you’ve not met Carole Lukas at the WLACC yet, feel free to introduce yourself at lunch on Monday (and sometimes Wednesday).

On a related note, the WLACC continues to need volunteers for front desk and gift shop shifts. Both are about three hours, usually once per week or less frequently as a substitute for the regular shift volunteers. We also need more kitchen volunteers for our Monday, Wednesday and Friday lunches. Sign up for any of these volunteer opportunities at the WLACC front desk.

Questions? Call Tiffany Carlson at 503-557-4704. We are located at 1180 Rosemont Road, West Linn 97068.

The lunch menu this week features hilarious honey-glazed ham on Friday, Aug. 26; mindful meatloaf on Monday, Aug. 29; and gleeful grilled turkey and cheese sandwiches and tomato soup on Wednesday, Aug. 31. Cost is $5.

Doug Dickston is the former president of the Friends of the West Linn Adult Community Center board and a current active volunteer at the center.