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High school football hits high gear in Week Seven (part one) of the 2016 season

{img:128173}Sometimes, high school football is so good, you just can't wait.

This week — Week Seven of the 2016 season — you don't have to.

Thanks to teacher inservice dates throughout the state, several high school leagues and conferences have moved their games dates up to today.

And with all the huge games scheduled across the state, Pamplin Media Group’s sports editors, reporters and photographers will be out in force to document the action.

Pamplin Media Group continues and builds on its role as a state leader in high school football coverage this fall, presenting its work more quickly and sharing it more broadly. We, as a company, are now posting our high school football stories and photos to all our websites as soon as possible following each Friday night's contests.

And once they're posted, by clicking on the Prep Football tab that's now part of each of our websites, visitors will be able to see all the stories and photos posted by our sports reporters and sports editors, not just those particular to their home schools and home towns.

To see the new Prep Football tab, just hover over the Sports tab at the top of the page.

Featured from Thursday in our slate of high school football coverage will be:

Class 6A

• *Benson (1-5 overall) vs. *Glencoe (2-4 overall) at Hare Field, 7 p.m.

• No. 8 Oregon City (4-0 in MHC play, 5-1 overall) vs. No. 7 Central Catholic (3-1 in MHC play, 3-3 overall) at Hillsboro Stadium, 7 p.m.

• No. 37 Gresham (1-3 in MHC play, 2-4 overall) vs. No. 31 Reynolds (2-2 in MHC play, 4-2 overall) at Mt. Hood Community College, 7 p.m.

*Benson and Glencoe are playing independent schedules this year

Class 5A/6A

• No. 20 Crescent Valley (1-3 in MWC play, 3-3 overall) at No. 45 Forest Grove (0-6 in GVC play, 0-6 overall), 7 p.m.

Class 5A

• No. 17 St. Helens (2-2 in NWOC play, 4-2 overall) at No. 19 La Salle (1-3 in NWOC play, 3-3 overall), 7 p.m.

• No. 29 Parkrose (0-4 in NWOC play, 1-5 overall) at No. 2 Wilsonville (3-1 in NWOC play, 5-1 overall), 7 p.m.

• No. 8 Sandy (4-0 in NWOC play, 4-2 overall) at 16 Rex Putnam (2-2 in NWOC play, 3-3 overall), 7 p.m.

Class 4A

• No. 8 Scappoose (3-0 in Cowapa play, 4-2 overall) at No. 15 Valley Catholic (1-2 in Cowapa play, 4-2 overall)

• No. 11 Molalla (2-1 in TVC play, 5-1 overall) at No. 13 Estacada (2-0 in TVC play, 5-1 overall), 7 p.m.

Class 3A

• No. 27 Gervais (1-2 in PWC play, 2-4 overall) at No. 23 Jefferson (1-3 in PWC play, 2-4 overall), 7 p.m.