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Ed Brockman: Leadership for a dynamic community

My name is Ed Brockman and I am running for Lake Oswego City Council.

I believe vision, integrity and experience are some of what it takes to be a great City Council member. I bring experience to this position from my background in retail management, along with a unique expertise in land-use planning as a real estate Broker. Currently, I am vice chairman of the Planning Commission, and I have thoroughly enjoyed this opportunity to help make a difference in our community. Because it is important to consider other opinions or perspectives, I will have an open-door policy to be available to you as a councilor.

My goals are to have a welcoming community, support education and complete the current work concerning Sensitive Lands. We can be very proud of our parks, and I am excited to help plan the future of other park properties. In addition, it will be my priority to continue the great work the city is doing concerning improving our infrastructure. I believe nothing happens without leadership. Taking on challenges with energy and enthusiasm is a part of who I am.

A vision toward the future that includes appropriate housing opportunities for young and mature citizens alike will help our city thrive. The Millennial generation is many times saddled with large student debt and is often under-employed. If Millennials can have access to good housing options, they can live here now and be able to move into their dream home as they develop their careers. The needs of mature citizens can be met by different zoning and code options, providing unique housing communities to accommodate citizens who are downsizing and want to stay in Lake Oswego with familiar surroundings and friends.

Fairness should be an evaluator of all city decisions. Citizens may not communicate their preferences through organized groups or direct testimony, but their rights and dreams are just as important as those who do. Adherence to the written standard of the city code gives residents and business owners the confidence that they are protected. As flaws in the code become apparent by its application, changes may be needed. Respect for the public process in the code’s development is paramount when changes are considered.

In your area of the city, you may not want to have a full-blown neighborhood plan. A great alternative would be a narrative describing the desired character you want to maintain, and to make known to the city the specific needs you would like to see fulfilled. I desire each unique neighborhood to have an integral part in policy decisions affecting them to ensure that your neighborhood character is honored. I want to represent you well and fairly and act upon your input. Respect for people with differing opinions and truly listening to one another is essential for a community that works together.

My wife and I are parenting our three wonderful grandchildren who are now 15, 16 and 17. We are a light-hearted family that loves life and all the fun that goes with it. Living in a unique city such as Lake Oswego continues to bring us great joy.

Thank you very much for your vote. I am thrilled to go to work for you!

Ed Brockman is a Lake Oswego resident and a candidate for City Council.

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