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It's time for Coach Steve Couryto come home to his alma mater

In a recent letter to the Lake Oswego School District Board, Coach Steve Coury made an impassioned plea to “bring this community back together as one” while inferring that there is bitterness created by the north-south school boundary.

Coach Coury noted that in his 23 years at Lake Oswego High School, this was the first time he had taken the time to express his opinion to the board. Equally important, Coach Coury testified at the Feb. 9 school board meeting, where he repeated his heartfelt plea.

Couch Coury’s passion and commitment to the Lake Oswego School District is commendable. Not only has he been at LOHS for more than two decades, but Coach Coury is also a 1974 Wall of Fame graduate from Lakeridge High School. Coach Coury’s name is still listed in the Lakeridge football record books. Thus when Coach Coury is compelled enough to address the school board about reuniting the entire district, we should all take a moment to hear his plea.

Coach Coury is the perfect ambassador and role model for the Lake Oswego School District, in my opinion, and I believe that Superintendent Heather Beck should ask Coach Coury to accept an assignment as the new head football coach at Lakeridge High School.

At first blush, this may seem unthinkable. However, this sort of recruitment is done routinely at the collegiate level and, given that the LOHS football program has been led by a platoon of coaches, certainly there is someone capable among Coach Coury’s staff who could step up to lead their program.

Furthermore, given the difficulty the Lakeridge football program had filling its head coaching post with a quality candidate just a season ago, who better than a revered Pacer alumnus to help restore a proud and winning tradition?

By making such a selfless move, Coach Coury can be an exemplar of altruism and leadership for our community, and help heal the current bridge that divides us.

With the enrollment data for Lake Oswego High School showing a population eclipsing 1,300 students over the next three years, Lakeridge High School will likely be utilizing both open enrollment and inter-district transfers to close the enrollment gap. These policies should help close the current gap of 175 students (projected to be over 200 by 2017) by attracting outstanding students who want to be challenged both academically and athletically.

In addition, as another tool for balancing enrollment, current LOSD policy allows for intra-district transfers from large to small schools. Thus, if there are student athletes loyal to Coach Coury, there is a mechanism already in place for them to follow his lead, should he accept this challenge.

Coach Coury’s compassion and commitment to better the LOSD should not go unnoticed by the district’s administration and school board. So, what say you, Coach Coury? Are you ready to perform this noble and selfless act for the betterment of the LOSD?

It is time to come home to your alma mater.

Mark Bachman is a parent of three children attending LOSD schools: Westridge Elementary, Lakeridge Junior High and Lakeridge High School.  He is regular attendee of LOSD board meetings and authors a Facebook page at facebook.com/IonLOSD.


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