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Tower of Babel

Verily, in the land of Wizer,

A tower even now is raised up

Where opposing voices had clashed

In righteous wrath till neither

Was understanding of the other.

At the structure’s crowning height,

The sun will be eclipsed therefrom

And darkness will be upon the face of First Street.

Yea, though I walk through the valley

Of commercial interests, I will fear no evil.

My Smart Phone and GPS, they comfort me,

And I will partake of whatever blessing

Shall be set before me.

James Fleming

Lake Oswego

Keep waterways clean

People have been dumping forms of pollution into storm drains that lead directly to Oswego Lake. For my Eagle Scout project, I am working this summer to help the city by raising awareness of this problem. Others are also helping, and anybody can help by doing the same as us, or even by simply being more aware of what they are doing to harm the environment.

When chemicals are dumped down storm drains, many people do not realize that they are polluting.

They could be washing their car and not seeing excess soap traveling down the street. Some may purposely release chemicals into the drainage system, believing that it leads to a treatment facility. Everything that goes through the storm drains ends up untreated in a body of water. It could be Oswego Lake, the Willamette River or even Tryon Creek.

This summer, I am working to raise awareness. I have recruited a group of people to help me. We are placing drain markers on storm drains leading to Oswego Lake that will catch people’s attention, causing them to be more aware. We are also hanging door hangers on residents’ doors, giving information about the project and tips on how to help. We are working with the City of Lake Oswego, as we both wish to keep our lakes, rivers and other bodies of water clean.

My group of volunteers and I can only mark so many drains, so we are asking others to help as well. If you would like to help preserve the bodies of water in Lake Oswego, contact Anne MacDonald at 503-675-3999 or email her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. I am sure the city would be grateful for any volunteers that come their way.

Will Firmin

Boy Scout Troop 432

Lake Oswego

For a better Lake Oswego

We have a unique candidate for mayor this election. Dave Berg is committed to Lake Oswego. He is a long-term resident who cares about all our citizens and will defend their individual property rights.

Dave will not listen only to the developers, realtors or business owners who live elsewhere than Lake Oswego. He will stem the tide of the urbanization of Lake Oswego. He will not roll over for those city planners whose self-interest is their primary motivation.

Dave has been actively engaged in our community for years, trying to ensure Lake Oswego remains a wonderful place to live. We’ve had enough of the “going along to get along” that we’ve seen these last few years.

Citizens who want to help Dave can donate to “Friends of Dave Berg” or through his website, davebergformayor.com. He supports improving the quality of life for everyone: longtime residents, seniors, young families and those struggling to afford the higher cost of living in LO. Dave wants to improve our community in all the right areas while making sure all of us can continue to afford to live here for the long term.

Remember to contribute at davebergformayor.com.

Gale Gipson

Lake Oswego

SUBMITTED PHOTO: PAUL LYONS - Lake Oswego High students shovel gravel last week as part of a project to repair trails in Springbrook Park.

Repairing trails

Special thanks to the 50 cross country team members from Lake Oswego High School for moving gravel to repair and finish trails in Springbrook Park. The team started training last week and school this week. Our students use the two miles of park trails for training.

Also, thanks to Coach Eric Lider and Jim Evans for setting up and managing the project with lots of help from our Parks & Recreation Department staff. All of their efforts add to the legacy of Springbrook Park, which was established 43 years ago by a citywide vote.

Springbrook Park is an asset to our community, and our students bring joy to the heart.

Paul Lyons

Friends of Springbrook Park

Vote for Richardson

I am a Democrat supporting Dennis Richardson for Secretary of State.

If there were ever a time and ever a candidate who can bring genuine openness to the office, it is needed now and Richardson is the man. His entire history in Salem indicates skilled budgetary reform and accountability.

I am thrilled with Richardson’s audit plan for making ALL agencies accountable. No wonder most agency heads are worried.

Larry Barrett

Lake Oswego

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(“Virginia Campbell dies at 105,” Aug. 25): Truly the First Lady of Lake Oswego, she defined who we would become ... and like-minded people came due to her leadership. Rest well, Virginia. A great life well lived.

— Linda Brown

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