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How long have you been going to the Lions breakfast?

July is quickly approaching so make sure to have the Lake Oswego Lions Club Fourth of July Pancake Breakfast on your calendar.

Have you entered the earliest attendance contest yet? Here’s the scoop: Since this is the 65th year the LO Lions Club has been serving breakfast on the Fourth, we figure many of you have been coming a lot of years, maybe even back to your childhood. We want to honor the earliest attendee with free breakfast at a VIP table.

It’s easy to enter: Just email or send a note with the earliest year you remember attending and the age you would have been. For example, you can say you attended in your stroller when you were 2 years old and that would have been 1959. Or maybe you took your first girlfriend to the breakfast in 1964. We’ll take your word for it — you don’t have to have proof. Whatever the year is, if you’re the earliest submission, you’ll be the VIP of the day.

Email your submission to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the topic “LO Lions Club Contest.” Or send the info by letter to Denise Gordon, 16436 SW 133rd Terrace, Tigard, 97224. Please include your phone number so we can reach you.

Denise Gordon


A stadium cover will only get more expensive

After reading letter after letter in the Lake Oswego Review, hearing how we need to put the maintenance of the schools ahead of the stadium project at Lakeridge, I would like to remind these parents and students that the school board is looking at the possibility of selling some of our school properties.

We all know that the land is more valuable than the buildings. I believe it is an easy out for the school board to use “the maintenance” as an issue so they can sidestep the main issue.

I realize that a covered stadium and more seating for games may not be seen as a priority to some, but we need to remember that the cost of this project will not decrease; it will only cost more as we keep putting it off.

Debbie Diamond

Lake Oswego

Forget the canopy, it’s all about the fields

There have been claims that the lack of a canopy at Lakeridge is unfair to Lakeridge athletics. A canopy would cover the fans and not the teams, so the athletes would get little to no benefit. More important for many high school athletes are the fields that are used for practices and games.

Currently Lake Oswego High School has one full-size turf field and a single baseball diamond. Lakeridge has two full-size turf fields, a baseball diamond, softball field and is close to Hazelia field.

Lake Oswego Junior High has a softball field and an uneven and undersized general purpose field. Lakeridge Junior High has several general purpose fields and baseball diamonds. Lakeridge Junior High and Lakeridge High School students have access to far more fields for practices and games, which is a true competitive advantage. It is clear that the current facilities situation is not unfair to Lakeridge despite the lack of a canopy for the fans.

Tom Atwood

Lake Oswego

Thanks for a magnificent Historic Home Tour

On behalf of the board of the Oswego Heritage Council, we would like to thank all who participated in Saturday’s annual Historic Home Tour. It was a magnificent tour.

A special thanks goes to the homeowners of the Roehr House, Jantzen Island and Lewis and Clark College’s Frank Manor, who graciously opened their homes for the tour. These beautiful homes earned the praise of attendees.

The event was a huge success due to the many volunteers who gave generously of their time and talents.

The board is very grateful for the generous financial support of our sponsors. Their donations allowed the Oswego Heritage Council to once again make historic properties available to the community to visit.

We appreciate all the community members who attended this special annual event.

Scott Havens

Lake Oswego

Thank you, Oswego Heritage Council

Thank you to the Oswego Heritage Council for another wonderful Historical Home Tour!  

As the Premier Sponsor for the third year in a row, we were honored to celebrate some of Lake Oswego’s finest homes and architectural heritage. We truly love this community and are delighted to share in its history and traditions!

Will and Jane Fendon

Lake Oswego