Development would be ‘an embarrassment’

I have been a resident of Lake Oswego since 1960.

This charming town, unique in the state of Oregon, reflects the care and thought that has gone into its remarkable development over the past 50 years. The (Wizer block) plans that are being shared with you by the developers show no sensitivity to the charm that their predecessors have so carefully crafted.

An enormous, inappropriate, unattractive structure in the center of our small town is an embarrassment. Please reject these plans and listen to the wishes of Lake Oswego residents.

Ruth M. Howard

Lake Oswego

‘Project will permanently change the environment’

I am writing in opposition to the proposed Wizer apartment complex as it is currently designed. As a principal broker and owner of a residential real estate business, which has been in Lake Oswego for more than 32 years, it is my opinion that the Wizer redevelopment, as proposed, will forever negatively change the look and feel of our downtown. It will negatively damage real estate values in the booming First Addition, Country Club, Evergreen and Old Town neighborhoods and I question its value for retail.

Hundreds of non-owner occupied apartments within modernistic five-story buildings simply are not compatible with our downtown. While I favor quality redevelopment and progress, this project will permanently change the environment of our downtown village. If a development of this size and nature is necessary, it should be done somewhere else such as the WEB site. The previously proposed project with boutique hotel, retail and condos seems like a much higher and better use of the Wizer block.

Justin Harnish

Harnish Properties

Lake Oswego


There are things besides bad behavior

That will lead to unfortunate ends.

Bad luck will do it,

As well as good intentions.

Being brave and willing

Can be roads to disaster.

Do what suits you most,

And it will take its place

In history books yet unwritten.

James Fleming

Lake Oswego

Contract Publishing

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