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Access to Uplands

The Uplands Elementary School playground is the only playground in the triangle encompassed by Country Club Road, Boones Ferry Road and Upper Drive/Iron Mountain Boulevard. But all summer, we have been told we are not allowed to be on the Uplands property from 7 a.m.-6 p.m.

This leaves the people in this big swath of Lake Oswego with no playground where we can go that is within walking distance.

I think in fairness to our neighborhood, summer programs should either not be held at Uplands at all or we should be able to share the playground with the programs. If safety of the children is a priority, then the programs should be moved to some other elementary school or junior high.

My kids are Lake Oswego children and they deserve the right to exercise and play, too.

Melanie Kelly 

Lake Oswego

Editor’s Note: We asked LOSD Superintendent Heather Beck about the district’s policy at Uplands. Here’s what she had to say: “In the interest of the safety and welfare of students in our programs, our facilities and playgrounds are ‘closed to the public’ when we are in session. This is our practice during the school year, too. Our summer programs are housed at Uplands in order to prepare, clean and repair our other schools for the next school year.”

Startling column

That was a remarkably snarky, silly and self-absorbed column by our current mayor (“Bugs, Daffy and the race for LO Mayor,”

July 21); how startling to read such a patent campaign ad couched as amused commentary.

Flailing wildly at the other two candidates for mayor, touting his accomplishments, assuring us that the future looks bright, when last I looked much of his tenure has been devoted to avoiding a future where serious thought now about transportation, a new library and affordable housing might have made a better city for our children and grandchildren, not to mention the many thousands of other people who would have liked to live here.

Insulting your opponents may be the current style in national politics, but it’s disappointing to read such twaddle in our admirable newspaper, and from the mayor we elected to serve all the citizens of our city — including Lake Oswegans like himself who have the courage to run for office.

Brian Doyle

Lake Oswego

A home run

Congratulations to the Rev Jeremy Lucas, chief rector at Christ Church Episcopal Parish in Lake Oswego ("LO pastor says he'll turn AR-15 into piece of art," July 28). What a great idea and a brave move. You hit a home run! Buying those tickets in an all-star softball team’s rifle raffle to take an AR-15 out of play was a smooth move.

I can’t believe Little League actually allowed it in the first place, and I know they wouldn’t have when my boys played in the 70s. That was a bad game plan. You, however, provided a winning alternative, so we can plainly see who the losers are: the NRA in the public’s eye. And let me add: You are the most valuable player in this game!

Sue Christenson


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