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New community activism group forms in Lake Oswego


Lake Oswego First! aims to monitor local developments

There’s a new community watchdog group in town.

Taking a cue from Tigard First!, Lake Oswego First! has formed as a branch of citizens worried about property development, traffic and water quality issues — concerns it shares with the Tigard group.

Lake Oswego First! is especially upset over the recent pace of property development, which it calls “stepped up,” citing the demolition of historic homes to make way for newer buildings.

The group’s organizers say they were inspired by the fact the city did not ultimately sell the West End Building to the Kensington Group, which sought to turn the location into a hotel.

“That deal is now off the table, thanks to the quick, effective actions of the citizens of this city,” the group said via press release.

The mission of Lake Oswego First! is to monitor any local commercial or residential developments that may be on the table, as well as to increase public awareness in anticipation of upcoming elections by publicizing candidate and measure campaign financing.