2/18/14 8:45 a.m. There were several pry marks on the doors of a residence but a burglar was not able to break in.

2/23/14 6:15 p.m. A burglar took a TV, stereo and two bicycles at an unoccupied house that was being remodeled. Total loss was $4,700.


2/18/14 5:52 p.m. While motoring down Jefferson Parkway, a woman’s foot slipped off her brake and she drove her car into the car ahead of her.


2/19/14 9:01 a.m. A black Mercedes was stolen on Foothills Drive.

2/19/14 11:33 p.m. Ten $5 gold bullion coins valued at $1,400 were taken from a residence on Spring Lane.

2/20/14 7:45 a.m. Sunglasses, lip gloss, change and other items were stolen from a woman’s car on Kilkenny Road.

2/20/14 8:39 a.m. Two unlocked vehicles were entered overnight. Items taken included cash and a stereo cable.

2/20/14 12:12 p.m. A thief invaded an unlocked car at Albertsons and took an iPhone valued at $200.

2/20/14 3:57 p.m. A thief stole a man’s cellphone out of his van and is now running up a huge phone bill.

2/21/14 10:33 p.m. A bundle of firewood priced at $4.99 was stolen at Albertsons on South State Street.

2/22/14 9:23 a.m. A handgun, GPS device and iPod were reported stolen from a vehicle on Meadowlark Lane.


2/18/14 5:57 p.m. A distraught woman reported her cat had been killed by a large coyote.

2/18/14 8:38 a.m. A man was trying to help a woman who has had trouble with men making sexual advances toward her.

2/18/14 9:30 p.m. A man with a history of overdosing on drugs is now missing.

2/18/14 10:25 p.m. An 84-year-old man is constantly drunk when driving to his favorite pizza joint.

2/18/14 12:05 p.m. A man sought advice on what weapons he could legally carry to protect himself against aggressive dogs that might attack him on his walks.

2/20/14 8:42 a.m. A man and woman got together despite restraining orders against both of them.

2/20/14 1:23 p.m. A resident of Highlands Drive believes a neighbor deliberately piled up debris from the recent storm on his driveway.

2/20/14 2:13 p.m. A female pedestrian was nearly run over by a garbage truck on South State Street.

2/20/14 4:47 p.m. A jogger is complaining about people letting their dogs run off leash and harass runners.

2/20/14 11:06 p.m. A mysterious knocker on windows on Woodland Terrace turned out to be a landlord’s son picking up diapers and baby wipes.

2/21/14 12:53 p.m. Two holes from a BB gun were found in windows at an apartment complex on Pilkington Road.

2/21/14 4:33 p.m. An elderly man with a walker was walking into traffic.

2/21/14 5:30 p.m. A woman and her boyfriend were moving things out of an apartment before they paid their rent.

2/21/14 7:52 p.m. A sloppy homeowner is throwing debris into the street.

2/22/14 2:44 a.m. A man kept knocking on a woman’s door on Park Road because he was drunk and had been locked out of his own house.

2/22/14 11:04 a.m. A black- and white-speckled chicken was attempting to cross South State Street. Why? It was trying to get to the other side.

2/22/14 12:17 p.m. A man is refusing to leave a woman alone on Lakeview Boulevard.

2/22/14 1:32 p.m. Some boys raised alarm when they climbed the back fence of a lumberyard on Boones Ferry Road. It turned out they were making a movie.

2/22/14 4:01 p.m. A driver who sure looked drunk was speeding, driving on the shoulder of the road and tailgating other drivers on Boones Ferry Road.

2/22/14 5:28 p.m. Police were called in to settle a dispute between neighbors on Carman Drive regarding one of them allowing his dogs to romp on another neighbor’s property.

2/22/14 6:06 p.m. When asked why he was on a woman’s porch at Third Street and C Avenue, a 16-year-old boy said he was looking for a baguette. It turned out he was autistic, and his parents arrived to pick him up.

2/22/14 8:40 p.m. Three juveniles were fighting at a youth facility. A 12-year-old boy grabbed a broken desk with nails in it and went after staff members. He was lodged at Donald E. Long on suspicion of criminal mischief and menacing. A 15-year-old girl was referred for criminal mischief.

2/22/14 11:10 p.m. While checking her surveillance camera, a woman saw someone in her house on Third Street who should not have been there.

2/23/14 2:28 p.m. A runaway 14-year-old girl with a pierced nose and lip and cuts on both arms was spotted on Greenridge Drive.

2/23/14 5:56 p.m. An apartment dweller on Greenridge Drive was threatened with a beating by his neighbor.

2/23/14 6:11 p.m. A woman requested extra patrols after seeing someone in the area who doesn’t live in her neighborhood.

2/23/14 6:21 p.m. A man was spotted passed out in a flower bed outside of a convenience store on Boones Ferry Road after imbibing too much beer.

2/23/14 9:27 p.m. A stressed-out youth called police about yelling parents on Parkview Drive. The parents agreed to quit pushing the topic of grades and college scholarships to relieve some of the student’s stress.


2/18/14 7:42 p.m. A man was stunned to see his Social Security number on a Macy’s credit card.

2/19/14 11:55 a.m. A phony grandson called a woman and told her that he needed $1,900 from granny fast or he would continue to molder in a Dominican Republic jail.

2/21/14 2:08 p.m. Two unauthorized charges were made on a Wells Fargo bank account in Dallas, Texas.

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