1/31/14 5:59 p.m. Jewelry was taken in a burglary on Timberline Drive.

2/2/14 2:35 p.m. Following a burglary of her home, a woman requested that police come to take fingerprints.


1/28/14 2:36 p.m. A collision between two cars at Boones Ferry and Country Club roads resulted in an estimated $1,500 in damage to each vehicle.


1/27/14 8:13 a.m. A woman received her W-2 form to discover that it had been opened and tampered with, and she is concerned that her Social Security number might be compromised.

1/27/14 8:44 a.m. A red Subaru with new tires was stolen on Bangy Road. Police recovered the vehicle after getting a stolen vehicle report from Newberg police.

1/27/14 9:22 a.m. Car break-ins have been occurring on Meadows Road over the past few weeks.

1/28/14 6:03 p.m. A houseguest is suspected of stealing a computer from a location on Greenridge Court.

1/29/14 4:02 p.m. A vehicle parked on Eaglecrest Drive was entered and a purse, backpack, Sony camera and phone charger were taken.

1/29/14 9:03 p.m. Since moving to Lake Oswego, a man has had two rings taken from him in two weeks.

1/31/14 12:02 p.m. A thief mad about tree cutting took the cutter’s chainsaw on Garibaldi Street.

2/2/14 8:53 a.m. A thief took $20 from a Hyundai and Land Rover on Quarry Road.


1/27/14 7:23 a.m. A resident was suspicious of a male cyclist on a path leading from the tennis center to a local school. The biker was wearing black and had a backpack.

1/27/14 9:28 a.m. Benches on the Bryant campus of Lakeridge Junior High School have been torn up with planks removed and placed to make a five-point star. The person reporting the incident took photos. The damage amounted to $150.

1/27/14 10:56 a.m. Underage drinking and pot smoking is suspected of going on Friday and Saturday nights at the playground of Forest Hills Elementary School.

1/27/14 3:06 p.m. A resident of Holly Springs Road is upset that somebody parked a car so close to his house that he could hardly open his front door.

1/27/14 8:21 p.m. A grandmother fears that her 16-year-old grandson has run away again.

1/28/14 7:38 a.m. Road rage erupted in a supermarket parking lot when a dude in a small slick silver sport car screamed he would shoot and kill the driver who had enraged him.

1/28/14 9:40 a.m. A woman left 10 shirts to be cleaned at Rosewood Cleaners, but she heard the shop is going out of business and she fears she will not get the shirts back.

1/28/14 10:03 a.m. A suspicious man with a computer near Lakeridge Junior High was found to be a city parks employee.

1/28/14 12:06 p.m. When police arrived at an apartment complex to help a woman screaming “Don’t hurt me!” they found the scream had actually come from a TV program.

1/28/14 2:17 p.m. Police were called to investigate some rusty old machetes found near North Shore Road. Officers concluded they were trash and tossed them in the trash bin at city hall.

1/28/14 3:44 p.m. Someone had insider information about recent “slap tagging” involving an image of a white face with the words “GOO GOO” at the top.

1/28/14 10:27 p.m. Some guy named Tommy has been sending harassing text messages to a woman.

1/29/14 12:54 a.m. Three guests at a hotel got into a shouting match over prostitutes and a stolen laptop that turned out to not be stolen.

1/29/14 7:03 a.m. A downstairs resident at Ridgeview Condos is leaving his bathroom fan on all day while he goes to work.

1/29/14 7:21 a.m. A raccoon caught in a chicken coop killed a chicken but departed before police arrived to help.

1/29/14 3:04 p.m. A grandmother at a local senior living center keeps calling Seattle police to find her granddaughter, who she claims is lost and has medical problems. The granddaughter was found living in California. She was fine but did not want to talk to her grandma.

1/29/14 5:28 p.m. Seven or eight dogs were running off leash at Uplands Elementary School, and one of them tried to attack a woman.

1/29/14 5:50 p.m. A man is harassing his ex-girlfriend by sending her suicidal threats.

1/30/14 7:31 a.m. A man aroused suspicion on Burma Road by carrying two backpacks.

1/30/14 8:34 a.m. A vehicle reportedly parked more than 12 inches from the curb caused distress on E Avenue.

1/30/14 9:44 a.m. Residents on Dover Way being plagued by a nighttime doorbell ringer.

1/30/14 2:35 p.m. A woman’s computer has been hacked and her phone may have been tapped.

1/30/14 3:59 p.m. Parents picking up their kids from Oak Creek Elementary School are doing U-turns and making it difficult for other motorists.

1/30/14 5:23 p.m. A woman did not show up for her court date today. This is considered out of character for her.

1/30/14 8:45 p.m. A son keeps jumping out of the car when his father tries to take him for psychiatric treatment at Portland Adventist Medical Center.

1/31/14 9:29 a.m. A bad reaction is expected from a son-in-law who is about to be served divorce papers.

1/31/14 1:48 p.m. A suspected kidnapper was spotted riding in a truck with a landscaper.

1/31/14 2:01 p.m. A son sought advice when his mentally ill mother was kicked out of housing provided by Clark County and he didn’t want her at his location.

1/31/14 2:46 p.m. A filmmaker making a zombie movie notified police there would be lots of screams coming from South State Street.

1/31/14 7:49 p.m. A man is seeking police assistance in taking his sister to a mental health facility. She is refusing to go.

1/31/14 10:32 p.m. An egg smacked a car on Greentree Road but didn’t cause any damage.

2/1/14 5:29 a.m. After going to a local party a man became lost and had to flag down a police officer for information.

2/1/14 8:05 a.m. A vandal wrote messages on a garage door overnight.

2/1/14 12:55 p.m. A son called his dad and warned him if he didn’t get money for drugs he would steal everything in the dad’s house.

2/1/14 8:29 p.m. A father is being threatened by a son with bodily harm and wrecking his property. The son has had mental health and drug-related problems.

2/2/14 1:53 a.m. A mother asked police to fetch her daughter, who was hanging out with her boyfriend at a local school.

2/2/14 3:06 p.m. A verbal spat between a wife and husband became violent when the wife possibly stabbed her husband with a knife.

2/2/14 3:22 p.m. A resident of Melrose Street fears that teens are getting ready to rumble.

2/2/14 4:02 p.m. A woman’s friend dumped her on a street corner after she got high on marijuana.

2/2/14 5:50 p.m. A woman was outraged after a grocery store manager approached her “in a threatening manner” because they could not accommodate her order.

2/2/14 7:34 p.m. When somebody rushed up to help a dog that had been hit by a car, the dog bit the person. The dog was later transported to an emergency veterinary clinic in Tualatin.

2/2/14 8:28 p.m. Authorities are trying to chase down a man who threatened to commit suicide.

2/2/14 10:07 p.m. Police responding to a report of loud music at a brewery on State Street heard only the sound of silence.


1/27/14 3:25 p.m. A grandfather received a phone call from someone who said his grandson had been in a wreck and needed him to send some money.

1/29/14 4:05 p.m. A shady customer has given several different credit cards from different locations to a roofing contractor.

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