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Heard Around School: Lake Oswego High School


Earlier this month, The Review asked, ‘What are you getting your mom for Mother’s Day, and what do you have planned for her?’


My mom and I “were picking out a scarf for my girlfriend, so I got it for her, too, because she said she’d like it. It’s gray and white.”

— James Tollefsen, senior


“I’m going to get her flowers, and I’m going to do chores around the house. Hopefully, she likes it.”

—Hayley Knowlson, junior


“We got her a card and a box of chocolates. They’re See’s assorted chocolates.”

— Pattrick Gregson, senior


“I already gave my mom her gift, some flowers, purple, pink and red. She said ‘thank you.’”

— Amanda Schnid, freshman


“No idea yet. We’ll probably sit at home. Probably flowers, probably roses. She likes flowers a lot.”

— Tony Yang, freshman


“I’m going to hang out with my mom, and I don’t know what I’m getting her.”

— Emily Rich, freshman