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The Lake Oswego Review regularly prints lists of college graduates, academic dean’s list honorees, students of distinction and new college students, and below are the names of students the newspaper recently has received. Content comes from what parents and schools send. There are too many institutes of higher education for the news staff to track.

Students at the following schools recently have been brought to the Review’s attention:

Georgia Institute of Technology

Jingwei Liang of Lake Oswego, earned faculty honors in fall 2013. The designation is awarded to undergraduate students who have a 4.0 GPA for the semester.

Gonzaga University

Emily Carlson, Zachary Chestler, Meagan Fischer, Christopher Fucile, Brenna Greene, Cole Hodgson, Cameron Lea, Kelsie Marick, Madeleine Marquard, Sarah Oliva, Kelly Strader and Piper Sutherland, all of Lake Oswego, were on the president’s list for the fall 2013 semester. Students must earn a 3.7 to 4.0 GPA to be listed. Meagan Fischer’s family added that she has made the president’s list six semesters out of the past seven. Kara Brown, Colleen Heffernan, Robert Husbands and William Milam, all of Lake Oswego, were named to the dean’s list for fall semester 2013. Students need a 3.5 to 3.69 GPA to be listed.

Ithaca College

Sabina Leybold and Connell Pritchard, both of Lake Oswego, made the dean’s list for the fall 2013 semester.

Lincoln Memorial University

Elizabeth McGuirk, of Lake Oswego, earned a place on the fall 2013 dean’s list. McGuirk is majoring in nursing. All students must be a full-time undergraduate and have a 3.5 GPA for the semester to be on the list.

Oregon State University

University officials have released the names of students who made the scholastic honor roll fall term. At the Corvallis school, 852 students earned a 4.0 GPA and 3,631 earned a 3.5 GPA or more. In addition to academic standing, students need to be taking 12 graded hours of course work. Dozens of students from Lake Oswego earned a spot on the honor roll:

4.0 GPA

Natalie Coleman, junior, biology; Richard Day, freshman, pre-construction engineering management; Michael Gallagher, sophomore, university exploratory studies; Elizabeth Gass, junior, chemistry; Evan Gonnerman, sophomore, pre-mechanical engineering; Meagan Gray, senior, psychology; Stefan Herrenbruck, sophomore, business information systems; Keith Lippincott, junior, pre-computer science; Stephanie Long, senior, general science; Cassandra Loren, senior, bioengineering; Mackenzie Magaurn, junior, human development and family science; Emily McCallum, freshman, university exploratory studies; Jeffrey Nakashima, junior, construction engineering management; Suzanne Slack, senior, public health; Sarah Sutton, freshman, pre-public health; Zachary Theroff, senior, mechanical engineering; Pryce Waites, senior, accountancy; Catherine Williams, senior, political science; Navid Ziaie, junior, microbiology.

3.5 GPA or higher

Jack Anderson, freshman, university exploratory studies; Patrick Beesley, senior, mechanical engineering; Elena Beitzel, freshman, university exploratory studies; Stephanie Bell, freshman, pre-business; Jacob Benedict, freshman, pre-business; Alison Binns, freshman, pre-business; Reed Bonenfant, senior, mechanical engineering; David Boston, senior, mechanical engineering; Everett Bouwer, freshman, digital communication arts; Jack Brosy, senior, biochemistry and biophysics; Natalie Calhoon, freshman, human development and family science; Michael Conan, sophomore, pre-business; Sam Conklin, senior, mechanical engineering; Jordan Crane, sophomore, pre-elect and computer engineering; Laura Darby, senior, interior design; Ellee Daskalos, sophomore, exercise and sport science; Annalia Doran-Volz, freshman, human development and family science; Samuel Engebose, senior, athletic training; Stanley Feng, freshman, biology; John Foy, freshman, university exploratory studies; Andrew Gass, junior, pre-elect and computer engineering; Anna Gassner, sophomore, pre-business; Samuel Goldsmith, senior, psychology; Jordan Gregoire, freshman, exercise and sport science; Rachel Griggs, sophomore, human development and family science; Jonathan Guthrie, sophomore, pre-construction engineering management; Alexander Haagenson, senior, elect and computer engineering; Wyatt Hayden, sophomore, pre-bioengineering; Andrew Hercher, junior, mechanical engineering; Olivia Hill, freshman, Spanish; Richard Hiller, freshman, pre-business; Christopher Hull, freshman, pre-computer science; Laura Jacobson, senior, public health; John Karl, senior, forest engineering; Jessica Kiever, freshman, pre-business; Todd Kim, sophomore, pre-business; Evan Klauer, sophomore, environmental sciences; Jennifer Kline, freshman, zoology; Catrina Klossner, senior, elect and computer engineering; Ian Kronquist, junior, pre-computer science; Stefan Lucchini, senior, chemistry; Owen Madin, sophomore, pre-chemical engineering; Alexandra Majer, sophomore, animal sciences; Lydia McClaran, freshman, general science; Abigail Meier, junior, pre-public health; Madeline Meier, freshman, pre-business; James Mendenhall, senior, marketing; Clarice Mottet, junior, mathematics; Christina Mueller, freshman, pre-general engineering; Kyle Peterson, freshman, zoology; Tyler Pluhacek, sophomore, crop and soil science; Julian Preciado, senior, bioengineering; Alexandra Rumpakis, junior, marketing; Erika Sawka, senior, nutrition; Sarah Seals, senior, general science; Tassilo Selover-Stephan, junior, mechanical engineering; Omar Sheikh, senior, bioengineering; Grant Sherer, senior, physics; Alexa Stirek, freshman, sociology; Hana Sulmonetti, freshman, pre-business; Autri Taheri, freshman, pre-graphic design; Christine Turner, junior, chemical engineering; Claire Valentine, junior, exercise and sport science; Thomas Viggiano, freshman, pre-chemical engineering; Olivia Vollan, sophomore, fisheries and wildlife science; Matthew Weiss, junior, exercise and sport science; Michael Weiss, freshman, pre-elect and computer engineering; Conner Westcott, freshman, pre-chemical engineering; Amy Wyman, junior, pre-computer science.

St. Olaf College

Julie Asparro, a Lake Oswego High School graduate, is on the dean’s list for the fall 2013 semester. Asparro is a music and English major. Her parents are James and Janet Asparro.

University of Portland

Many students from Lake Oswego were on the 2013 fall semester dean’s list: Alexandra Rouhier, freshman, mechanical engineering; Cooper Hummel, freshman, business administration; David Kennedy, junior, political science; Finn Preben Ingvaldsen, senior, computer science; Hailee Kenney, senior, electrical engineering; Hillary Beard, senior, nursing; Katherine King, freshman, biology; Kelsi Gjesdal, junior, nursing; Liliana Allen, sophomore, nursing; Madison Pihl, sophomore, business administration; Margaret Duwelius, sophomore, elementary education; Megan Worthington, sophomore, French studies; Morgan Hawkes, junior, marketing; Sarah Conway, freshman, nursing; Sierra Bray, senior, organizational communication; Thomas Iwasaki, senior, finance; and Troy Attinasi, sophomore, business administration.

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