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If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

Morgan Beilstein

“The Galapagos because it’s so beautiful, and there’s lots of dolphins. I like dolphins. I’ve seen 12 in the wild.

— Morgan Beilstein, third-grader

Christian Mei

"Washington, D.C., because there's the Federal Reserve, the White House, the Pentagon, the Smithsonian and lots of the nation's history."

— Christian Mei, fourth-grader

Diana Manternach

“Australia because there’s kangaroos. When the baby gets born, they’re cute.”

— Diana Manternach, kindergartener

Esben Schroeder

“Where I’d like to go is Japan, and the reason I would like to go there is, first, my parents lived there for two years and they have a lot of friends there, and I would like to meet those friends. Second, I really like the food — gyoza. Third, I really like the culture. I would like to go to the temples.”

— Esben Schroeder, fifth-grader

Ryen Krup

"I would go to New York because it seems sunny there, and I like sunny days."

— Ryen Krup, second-grader

Miles O'Day

"South Africa because I want to go mining for diamonds and sell them to some jewelry place in South Africa."

— Miles O’Day, first-grader