The Lake Oswego Review is doing a regular “Heard around school” collection of quotes from students and staff.

Here is the first installment from Lakeridge Junior High School about the upcoming school year:

“This year will be really different because I don’t have many classes with friends, but I think I’ll make the best of it.”

Gisela Valderrama, eighth grade

“I’m glad I have a top locker because last year I had a bottom locker, and it was always so crowded. I’m also excited to have electives I can choose, because last year in sixth grade they picked them for us.”

Talia Milionis, seventh grade

“I’m nervous about classes but excited to see my friends again.”

Sophie Daskalos, eighth grade

“I’m nervous about classes and getting there on time, and I’m excited about having new teachers and meeting new people.”

Antonio Reyes, eighth grade

“At Lakeridge Junior High, we’re excited about another great year on the road to awesome!”

Kurt Schultz, principal

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