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Surgery center performs same-day hip replacement surgery


Patients report high satisfaction, less pain and fast recovery

The Oregon Outpatient Surgery Center (OOSC) in Tigard has become the first ambulatory surgery center (ASC) to perform total hip replacement surgery in the Northwest. Qualified patients can now have total hip replacement and return home the same day.

James C. Ballard, M.D., an orthopedic surgeon with fellowship training in minimally invasive total hip replacement, performed the first surgery May 8 at the OOSC. Ballard’s 54-year old patient, Clayton Martin, a firefighter and EMT, had pain in both hips so excruciating that he could only tolerate the slightest of physical activities.

In agony for more than six months, he decided to have both hips replaced. The first surgery was so successful, his second surgery was scheduled at the surgery center on June 19, just six weeks after the first.

“It was a great experience,” Martin said. “I was at the surgery center for only eight hours and returned home the same day; I was very impressed with the efficiency of the staff and how quickly I recovered.”

Nick Rinard, a 46-year old physical therapist and Lake Oswego resident, agrees. After consulting with Christopher Nanson, M.D., a board-certified orthopedic surgeon with special interest in reconstructive joint surgery, Rinard decided it was time to end the four years of steroid injections that had become necessary during his 25-year history with arthritis.

On June 12, Nanson performed a total hip replacement on Rinard’s left hip, and Rinard became OOSC’s second same-day patient.

“I had surgery in the morning, went home on crutches four hours after the surgery and returned to work part-time in my physical therapy clinic a week later,” Rinard said. “As a physical therapist myself, I had confidence in the surgical option, but didn’t want to be in the hospital for days. This was the perfect solution for me.”

“The same-day approach is life changing, and our patients love this option,” Nanson said. “Because it means fewer narcotic drugs, reduced risk of a hospital-acquired infection, lower out-of-pocket expense and faster recovery.

“Most important, patients begin walking the first operative day and can return to life faster by beginning recovery at home rather than in a hospital bed.”

OOSC is offering both posterior and anterior total hip replacement procedures in an outpatient setting. Though it’s new to ambulatory surgery centers in the Northwest, the “24-hour hip” — so called because patients are discharged on the day of the procedure — total hip replacement surgery is performed exactly the same in an ambulatory surgery center as in a hospital, which often requires a hospital stay of several days.

After surgery, patients are moved to a recovery room with one-on-one nursing care and the same pain medication and careful monitoring they would receive in a hospital. After a few hours, the patient begins to walk with the help of a walker or crutches and physical therapist. In a week or two they begin outpatient rehabilitation therapy.

“The key is screening. We screen patients carefully to select only those who are right for this approach,” Ballard said. “They must be healthy and highly motivated. For example, they must be willing to begin a strength training regimen under the supervision of a physical therapist even before surgery.

“They must also have the willingness and ability to return home to a reliable support system and continue therapy at home. Home nursing and therapy visits, along with precise pain management, produce a good result.”

The OOSC is located at 7300 SW Childs Road, Suite A in Tigard.

For more information, visit oregonoutpatientsurgery.com or call 503-612-8452.