Pam Fay can solve nagging problems at Lake Oswego Hypnosis

by: REVIEW PHOTO: VERN UYETAKE - Pam Fay is in the power business. Releasing the power inside people to solve their own problems. Her new Lake Oswego Hypnosis is located at 5 Centerpointe Drive.

There are an endless number of ills that afflict many people that seem almost beyond solving: weight loss, smoking, lack of concentration, phobias, pain, relationship problems, self-esteem, and on and on.

But the good news is they can all be healed through hypnotic therapy, and that is Pam Fay’s objective at Lake Oswego Hypnosis.

Many people think of hypnosis of something that will cause them to start imitating a chicken at a party, yet this therapy has an incredible record of healing simple problems and very complex problems. The power of hypnosis has fascinated Fay her entire life. Now, unleashing the power within a human being is her profession.

“I love the experience of having hypnosis done to me,” Fay said. “It is very relaxing and very transformative. It puts me in touch with my inner feelings. It taps into my inner resources.”

But until recent years Fay’s love for hypnosis was put aside except for taking a mini-certification class that was “really a lot of fun.” In college Fay had earned her MBA and she had a highly lucrative career as a business consultant. She had her own agency in Chicago and earned a six-figure yearly income.

However, Fay’s desire to succeed in business began to diminish, and her ambition to take up hypnotherapy began to grow. It really started to take off when she moved to Lake Oswego five years ago and got to see close-up what bad habits were doing to her own mother. Her mother had a 40-year smoking habit, and she had used hypnosis to stop. For 20 years she did not smoke. However...

“Mom had already done a lot of damage to her body,” Fay said. “She had asthma, and she did not have the quality of life she would have liked.”

When Fay’s mother died, she left her a sum of money. It was enough to launch her dream of becoming a hypnotherapist.

“I told my husband I wanted to do this,” Fay said. “I had the money and the opportunity to do what I wanted. I had a burning desire to do this.”

Fay opened her Lake Oswego practice in December, and now her business is empowering people to quit the things that are hurting their lives.

“Stopping smoking is easy,” Fay said. “It typically takes only one session. First of all, you don’t have to smoke. Second, there is no society pressure to smoke.”

Of course, not all bad habits are so easily cured, and Fay must go into more depth in hypnotherapy. But she stresses that people really can break the chains of habits that harm their lives. They do have the inner power to do this.

“A thought is just a thought. It’s not a fact,” Fay said. “You can take charge of a thought. We can control our thoughts. Everything we do — smoking, drinking, overeating — has a positive intent, although we may not realize what it is. It might be to quiet anxiety or be comforted on an unconscious level.

“When you make a change, you ask what benefit will I gain? Hypnotherapy trains you how to replace bad thoughts with positive energy. Once you start using that power, the sky is the limit. We’re made up of energy. An atom is 99 percent energy.”

There are a couple things that Fay would like her clients to keep in mind.

“All hypnosis is self-hypnosis,” she said. “You can’t put people in a trance.”

Also, Fay says she is not into the “woo woo” stuff often associated with hypnotism, like pendulums and swinging watches.

“My clients will close their eyes, put on headphones and listen to me talk,” she said.

Besides building her practice in Lake Oswego, Fay has other plans.

“I’ve taken a course on helping cancer patients deal with chemotherapy without nausea and weakness,” she said. “This service will be free.”

For more about Pam Fay and Lake Oswego Hypnosis, go to the website or call 503 515-1272. Her office is located on 5 Centerpointe Drive on the fourth floor in suite No. 402-A.

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