New to You Simply Posh moves quickly into boutique scene

by: REVIEW, TIDINGS PHOTO: VERN UYETAKE - Kari Rex is overjoyed to have master goldsmith Mark Hoyt on the staff at New to You Simply Posh, a new boutique in downtown Lake Oswego.

Kari Rex and her partners at New to You Simply Posh are going all out to make an impact on the boutique scene in Lake Oswego. They are making sure the customer is not just always right, but always happy.

Step No. 1, Rex and partners Sally Bowdle and Bonnie Ziegler filled their boutique with all kinds of clothing from outstanding brands, like Chanel, Christian Loubontin, Versace, Burberry and Balanciaga, just to name a few.

Step No. 2, they plunged into the Lake Oswego scene to a degree that is remarkable for a new business in town.

Step No. 3, they brought in Mark Hoyt, who has a strong reputation in the jewelry business, as their jewelry broker.

“We’ve worked hard to get the right feel here,” Rex said.

The three partners have also worked to make their new consignment store at 101 A Ave. as classy as possible, both inside and outside, ever since they opened their doors last October.

“There has been a New to You store in McMinnville for the past 43 years,” Rex said. “We wanted a boutique feel in the second store, so we added Simply Posh to the name.”

As for what kinds of clothes are available, Rex answers: “everything.” Or at least close to it. The apparel offers casual, juniors, evening, active wear, men’s wardrobe, shoes, boots, high end handbags. And more is coming in all of the time.

Posh also has its own line of jewelry, thanks to Hoyt. It was quite a coup for Rex to get the longtime Lake Oswego jeweler.

“Mark is a master jeweler and an award-winning designer,” Rex said. “We’re pretty excited to get him on our staff.”

Hoyt has already been a jeweler in Lake Oswego for 19 years, and his career goes back much farther to his San Francisco days. Despite his venerable status, Hoyt is as fresh and eager about his new opportunity as a beginner. When he explains what is so wonderful about jewelry, you understand why.

“There are very few professions where a person can express such deep, heartfelt emotions,” Hoyt said. “It is a very celebratory business.

“I sold a first diamond to a little girl, and I promised her I would always keep it clean and take care of it for her. As she grew up she kept adding to her treasure trove. Finally, I made her a 2 1/2 carat ring for her wedding that was simply stunning.”

It all makes you wonder why Hollywood has not made a movie about a small-town jeweler.

Besides giving Posh instant credibility in the jewelry line, Hoyt is helping Rex and her friends build up their community credentials and it is happening with amazing speed.

“We had an entire table at the recent chamber of commerce banquet,” Rex said. “We’ll be having fashions at Runway on the Lake (April 6). We’re really looking forward to the Farmers Market. Our charities include the Transitional School for Homeless Children and the Lake Oswego School District fundraising drive.”

Asked why she is moving so fast to become part of Lake Oswego, Rex said, “We had to. We knew we had to show the community how much we wanted to be involved. We definitely feel strongly about it.”

When Rex, Bowdle and Ziegler went searching for a shop location they at first had no idea they would end up practically in the heart of downtown Lake Oswego. But Rex was very alert.

“I saw a little, tiny sign in a window saying that this space was available,” she said. “I think it was meant to be.”

For more about New to You Simply Posh, call 503-343-3444 or go to the website

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