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Look to Trios Studio to restyle your family jewelry

Brought to you by Mary Wong, Trios Studio - JEWELER INSIDER -

TRIOS STUDIO - Mary WongIt's finally spring and it's time we focus on one of our favorite things to do -- restyling of family jewelry! It is a constant at our studio.

The prized pieces come to us in little boxes, pouches and the perennial Ziploc baggie.

The style may not be yours, but the emotional connection needs to be saved. Sometimes these precious family heirlooms have been sitting for years, mostly because you don't know what can be done with it or how it can be restored or redesigned to suit your personal taste.

The partners in Trios Studio, metalsmith-designers Deborah Spencer, Kathe Mai and I sit down with our clients and take the time to hear their stories.

This helps to determine what gems or parts to move forward with to create something for you that retains the sentimental value and connection to the past.

It is very gratifying to help bring these old pieces into a new life. I see so much love and pride when the connection to the past is talked about in the new creation.

At times, we can capture meaningful parts from a great-grandmother, grandmother and mother to create a new ring for the daughter. These are pieces that can move to even the next generation if they are maintained.

Take the time to grab that baggie and come see us for a consultation to find out what's possible.

See you at the studio!

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