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Have first orthodontic evaluation by age 7

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SESSIONS ORTHODONTICS - Dr. Jeffery SessionsA recent poll of orthodontists in the United States shows that the majority of them practice early or first-phase orthodontics.

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that children get an orthodontic evaluation by age 7. This recommendation might seem early, but many problems that start at this age can be addressed early. Otherwise, at a minimum a plan can be developed to avoid more serious bite or alignment issues in the future.

Some early problems that can develop are eruption issues, bite issues, thumb or finger habits, missing teeth and space requirement issues. These are problems that parents may not be able to identify on their own and might be overlooked by medical or dental professionals who don't have orthodontic training.

During an early evaluation, a specialist in orthodontics can identify any of the above problems and come up with a timely plan to address them. Sometimes the plan is as simple as monitoring the child for possible future treatment.

Other times, early-stage treatment is recommended to start any time between 7-11 years old. Another recommendation might be to have a space maintainer placed in areas of missing teeth to avoid additional space loss.

If early or first-phase treatment is recommended, it is usually intended to make the overall treatment easier and or head off more serious issues from occurring in the future. Please consider having your child evaluated by a specialist in orthodontics around the age of 7 years.

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