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Introducing ThermiVa, Dr. NGYN'S newest vaginal rejuvenation treatment

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DR NGYN - Dr. Nancy SalisburyAging and childbirth can take a toll on the vagina. Dense with nerves and fragile tissues, the aesthetics and function of the vagina can contribute significantly to both partners' emotional fulfillment, confidence and happiness in the relationship. Many women are too embarrassed and afraid to ask about treatments for vaginal issues.

If you're seeking treatment for vaginal rejuvenation and have decided that surgery is not for you, Dr. NGYN's office offers a number of different alternatives, including Mona Lisa Touch and her latest, ThermiVa. While both treatments help generate new collagen, improve vaginal laxity and vascularization of the vagina—in other words, tighten and increase sensation and moisture production in the vagina—Mona Lisa Touch uses lasers, while ThermiVa uses a wand that generates controlled radiofrequency (RF) energy.

The S-shaped ThermiVa wand is gently applied to the external labia and vaginal canal. In addition to tightening both the labia and canal, ThermiVa can also be used to treat stress urinary incontinence and increase vaginal comfort without the use of hormones. The treatment is quick, non-invasive and has no downtime. While three treatments are recommended for optimum results, some patients are happy and satisfied with the results from one or two treatments.

If you need help with dryness, your bladder, laxity or self-confidence, there is simply no reason to stay unhappy. To learn more, visit www.drngyn.com or call 503-908-1646. I want to help.


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