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Fair-trade, custom-designed engagement rings

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TRIOS STUDIO - Mary WongYou're in love and planning to pop the question.

How better than to present a beautiful custom-made engagement ring, created with ethically mined gemstones by local designer-goldsmiths?

At Trios Studio in Lake Oswego, we encourage choice and individual expression in engagement and wedding rings. Why look at 1,000 rings that are basically all the same? Our designer-goldsmiths custom-design every element of your ring, working with you to develop your ideas into something your intended will cherish.

We're proud to offer Canadian diamonds for use in our engagement rings. These are real diamonds -- not created in a laboratory, but natural, ethically mined, conflict-free diamonds that are mined according to a strict code of conduct in Canada.

Canadian diamonds are very white in color, with good clarity and brilliant sparkle (the result of precision cutting in Israel). They can then be set in eco-gold, platinum or silver.

Sapphires, the hardest gemstone with color, are also popular for engagement rings. Our sapphires from Malawi, Africa, are 100 percent Fair Trade. Sapphires are from the mineral family of corundum and come in blue, yellow, green, purple, pink and orange. Rubies are red sapphires.

For a more earthy alternative, rustic diamonds are uniquely beautiful in a rose cut.

To create a one-of-a-kind ring, we like to have four to six weeks to design the ring to your specifications, order the gemstones you've chosen, and to create the finished product.

Know that you do have a choice – and Trios is it.

Trios Studio

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