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Look and feel your best when cupid strikes

Brought to you by Dr. Mark Petroff, Petroff Plastic Surgery and Medi-Spa - Plastic Surgery INSIDER -

PETROFF CENTER - Dr. Mark PetroffWith Valentine's Day just a few weeks away, what can you do to make it special?

Would you like to look and feel your best for the big night? How about giving a gift certificate for your loved one to experience a relaxing spa treatment or service?

Petroff Center Plastic Surgery & Medi-Spa has you covered.

Under the supervision of Dr. Mark Petroff, we now have three aestheticians in our Medi-Spa who provide Personalized Facials tailored to smooth and treat your skin, as well as soothe your face, arms and hands.

As we age, the rate at which our skin sheds and replenishes itself slows down, leaving a layer of dead cells on the surface of your skin. Facials help exfoliate the damaged layer to reveal the younger, healthier skin beneath. They can also improve skin conditions such as acne, dry or oily skin, even uneven texture or pigmentation.

Each person's skin is unique, so our customized regimen will meet your specific concerns.

Our facials include steam, exfoliation, extractions, a facial mask and a relaxing arm and hand massage for a base price of $100.

For a unique experience, you may add on an extra treatment for an additional fee, such as the Oxygenating Boost, Caviar Mask, skin peel, Dermablading, an eye treatment or lip treatment.

To find out more about facials and our many other services, visit our website, petroffcenter.com.

Make an appointment today to put your freshest face forward for your loved one!

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