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October 16, 2014

In a time of uncommon divisiveness,Lake Oswego needs Buck,…

by (none)
There are a lot of angry people in Lake Oswego. They are angry about the handling of the West End Building and the redevelopment of the Wizer Block. About Common Core curriculum in their schools…
October 16, 2014

Readers' Letters

by (none)
Vote for Gudman, Manz, Buck Here is a slate of three candidates for City Council bringing great experience in working for the community: Jeff Gudman — Jeff brings the experience of a prior term…
October 16, 2014

Wizer Block: Oswegans will give the project life

by Patrick H. Kessi
“It is a building designed by committee; all they have been able to agree on is that it should be rectangular, have windows, and not fall over.” — writer and humorist Max Barry Hopefully, that…
October 16, 2014

Ed Brockman: Leadership for a dynamic community

by Ed Brockman
My name is Ed Brockman and I am running for Lake Oswego City Council. I believe vision, integrity and experience are some of what it takes to be a great City Council member. I bring experience…
October 16, 2014

Open primaries will help broaden voter participation

by Greg Macpherson
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. famously said that "the arc of the moral universe ... bends toward justice." He could have made the same point by saying the arc of democracy bends toward inclusion.…
October 16, 2014

Debunking myths about eating disorders

by Teal Bohrer
I’d like to debunk a few eating-disorder myths, especially since Lake Oswego is no stranger to the epidemic. I remember being in high school and having peers pass out in class because they…
October 16, 2014

Common Core will not empower your children

by Gale Gipson
I have learned as much as I can about Common Core. I am writing because I don’t think many parents really understand the impact Common Core will have on their children’s future. The basics will…
October 16, 2014

Jeff Gudman: This I do believe

by Jeff Gudman
“I will do my best to make it clear. My convictions are not so much concerned with what I am against as what I am for; and that excludes a lot of things automatically. Traditionally, democracy…
October 09, 2014

Measure 86 makeseducation a priority

by Editorial Board
Measure 86, which was referred to this November’s statewide ballot by the 2013 Oregon Legislature, opens up the opportunity for Oregon to provide greater support for students who want to get a…
October 09, 2014

So much for years of planning with citizen input

by Patrick Haar
At first I was angry, but now I am sad. Sad that the majority of the Lake Oswego City Council voted against its own Development Review Commission, LONAC, The Evergreen Neighborhood Association,…

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Oct 09, 2014

Our criteria for deciding which political candidates to support

by J. and L. Fenner
As nonaffiliated voters, we consider ourselves moderates; we are conservative in some of our views, moderate and liberal in others. We do not support political parties; we support…
Oct 09, 2014

For LO citizens, Wizer decision was a punch in the gut

by Roger Rollins
Profiles in courage, good governance, respect for the electorate, objectivity, bipartisanship — all on display at the Sept. 24 City Council meeting regarding the Wizer Block? Not so much. Oh…
Oct 09, 2014

Wizer: It's time to shake hands and move forward

by Jonathan Harnish
In the interests of full disclosure, let me say two things: One, I am a golfer; two, there are aspects of the proposed Wizer development that I do not like. You may be scratching your head and…
Oct 09, 2014

Developing our world languages 'travel team'

by Carolyn J. Heymann
The 2014-15 LOSD school year is the first time district seventh graders can take a full year of a modern world language, complementing curriculum additions at the primary level for Spanish…
Oct 09, 2014

Make code clear now, or prepare for next development battle

by Rich Farrington
During the first round of Development Review Commission hearings on the Wizer project, I listened to opponents testify to the process that created Lake View Village. You’ve heard the story: The…
Oct 09, 2014

Pacer parents salute Lakeridge volunteers

by Joyce Stephens
On behalf of all the parent volunteers at Lakeridge High School, the Pacer Parent Club would like to welcome you to the 2014-2015 academic school year. The purpose of the Pacer Parent Club is to…
Oct 09, 2014

Readers' Letters

by Pamplin Media Group
Exercise your right to vote “An enlightened citizenry is indispensable for the proper functioning of a republic.” — Thomas Jefferson Enduring words. One can only imagine the media debate if…
Oct 02, 2014

Open primary appeals to more voters

by Editorial board
Ballot Measure 90 — the open primary initiative — won’t cure all afflictions that plague the election process in Oregon and elsewhere, but it would give more people the chance to participate in…
Oct 02, 2014

Council's Wizer Block decision ignores the concerns of so many

by Mary Ann Dougherty
Our mayor and four city councilors have overruled our Development Review Commission (a commission comprised of qualified professionals), and instead have given developer Patrick Kessi’s Wizer…
Oct 02, 2014

Council ignored plea to preserve our downtown

by Leslie Pirrotta
When Mayor Kent Studebaker campaigned, he said, “Lake Oswego is a great place, and I’d like to make sure we maintain that quality and character of the town. I’d like to make sure people can…

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