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Volunteers needed for spelling bees in Multnomah County

Once again, Multnomah County kids are not able to participate in the Oregon Statewide Spelling Championship! All that is needed is a few volunteers to organize spelling bees at local schools and districts.

Oregon Spellers, which runs the Oregon Statewide Spelling Championship, is looking for volunteers in Multnomah County to organize written spelling contests. The top speller in each division (elementary, middle, and high school) of the county level contest is invited to proceed to the Oregon Statewide Spelling Championship which is held at the Oregon State Fair in Salem on Labor Day weekend. Local contest organizers can be school administrators, teachers, parent volunteers, or even community service organizations. More information about how to organize a spelling contest can be found at or contact Oregon Spellers at 541-401-9780 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Kaynor Heineck, Lebanon

Don't touch the 'third rail' of politics: Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid

It certainly looks as though Paul Ryan and his Republican cadre plan on retiring from Congress in the next election. Why else would they set out to destroy Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid?

These programs have always been considered the "third rail" of politics and while politicians have, in the past threatened to dismantle them none have dared move forward to actually do it. They realized that their career in Congress would come to an abrupt end should they destroy these programs. Especially since the Republican base is made up of seniors and the poor in those red states.

It's ironic that Ryan, who relied heavily on Social Security Survivor's benefits to put himself through college now wants to deprive Americans of the same chance. He got his and too bad about the rest of us. The Social Security fund is there for the picking and Ryan intends to hand the money over to Wall Street to make them and himself even richer.

This next session of Congress is going to be interesting to watch. Let's see how many decide to cut their careers short by standing behind Ryan's plans.

Kathy Wnorowski, Hillsboro

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