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If it could, NRA would have us arming our pets

I’d be willing to bet that the group launching the recall of state Sen. Chuck Riley and state Reps. Val Hoyle and Susan McLain (“Gun rights backers launch recall of legislators,” Hillsboro Tribune, April 24 issue) are being backed and funded by the NRA. Who else would be crazy enough to object to a bill protecting citizens from criminals and the mentally ill?

In fact, I’m starting to believe that these people are exactly the ones that the bill is protecting us against. This is no gun control bill. This is not a ban on guns.

This is merely a measure of safety from those whose actions could be a danger to any one of us. I don’t understand who would object to that — except the NRA, of course. They’ve become a caricature of their original mission. If it were up to the NRA, we’d be arming our pets, leave our houses in the morning and open fire on each other.

Fortunately, we have level-headed legislators who do care about their constituency and the proof of that is in this innocuous bill to protect us from some unstable person with a gun in his or her hand. Let’s think logically about this and realize that not everyone should own a gun.

Kathy Wnorowski


Rask stands out as best choice for board

I have served 31 years in education and have multiple degrees and endorsements in my profession. Bart Rask has my full support to serve as our next school board representative for the Hillsboro School District.

He has spent countless volunteer hours around school programs, which sets him apart from others running for this position. He has an insight into our school system and will represent us well. We both share many of the same concerns that face those of us in education, and those who have their children and grandchildren in our current education system.

If you feel that our schools needs a level head, a person who can disseminate fact from fiction, someone who can see between the lines and has a vested interest with his own children in our school district, then please join me and vote for Bart Rask.

Kevin J. Schmidt


Allen is ready and eager to serve

I am writing this letter in support of Lisa Allen for Position 5 on the Hillsboro School Board.

When I first met Lisa in 2012, I thought she was interested in meeting to discuss her candidacy in the 2013 school board election. She came to our meeting loaded with questions, ideas and enthusiasm. I was secretly hoping that she was not considering running against me at the time!

Lisa was doing her homework about being a school board member and was exploring where to best use her time and experience as an educator. We became fast friends. I have appreciated her appetite to learn and research board and district work from that very first meeting.

Her active involvement on the Citizens Curriculum Advisory Committee was a refreshing change to past practices, board members praised that change in public meetings. Lisa quickly assumed a leadership role and has led the CCAC through several complex and timely curriculum processes.

It is my belief that an effective board member is one that devotes his or her time, talent and focused energy on the tasks needed to get accomplished for the good of our students. Board members must be visible in the schools and engaged with students, staff, parents and community alike. Our kids deserve a strong, prepared leader running for the right reasons, and that person is Lisa Allen. She is ready to serve and eager to do the work of a leader in our district.

Please join me in supporting Lisa Allen for Position 5 of the Hillsboro School District.

Janeen Sollman


Editor’s note: Janeen Sollman is a member of the Hillsboro School Board.

Strelchun is a dedicated advocate

I’m writing in support of Kim Strelchun for the Hillsboro School Board. As a parent, Citizens Curriculum Advisory Committee member and Portland Community College math instructor, I have witnessed first-hand the dedication of Kim Strelchun.

I have known Kim for 10 years, where we worked as parent volunteers in the PTA at Jackson Elementary School. Kim was an example of how to advocate for children’s education, by bringing life to state issues that we could influence. She was also an example of how to roll up ones’ sleeves and raise money to support field trips and other school needs, while at the same time being fiscally responsible with the money raised.

On the Citizen’s Curriculum Advisory Committee, I took part in the district math adoption. I was impressed with the amount of time Kim took to not only do her homework on the proposed curriculums, but to also participate in the process. I visited several math classes to observe piloted curriculums.

In all these classrooms, Kim was present. Kim asked tough questions, while reaching out to get feedback to take back to the board. As a parent and math educator, I appreciate Kim’s thoughtful approach to understanding the needs of students.

Please join me in supporting Kim Strelchun for the Hillsboro School Board. I have no doubt that she will continue to be a tireless advocate for Hillsboro kids. Be sure to cast your vote for Kim by May 19.

Wendy Fresh

North Plains

Christian Honl will bring fresh approach

I am writing to encourage fellow voters in the Hillsboro area to support my friend and colleague Christian Honl in the May election for the Hillsboro School Board.

In these times of tight budgets, we need a fresh approach that will improve our ability to “do more with less” rather than continually asking for more money.

Christian’s 15 years of experience as a manager at Intel — where he has often had to deal with challenging resource constraints in the face of demanding goals — put him in an ideal position to lead in this area. He will also be a powerful force for openness, transparency, frank discussion, rigorous analysis of issues and will consistently make the children in our district the top priority. Christian has the insight to know what needs to be done, the vision to develop realistic goals, and the work ethic to make good and necessary changes happen without backing down under pressure.

Please consider these factors and join me in electing Christian Honl to the Hillsboro School Board.

Erik Seligman


Editor’s Note: Erik Seligman noted that while he is a current member of the Hillsboro School Board, he is writing this letter as an individual citizen.

Rask will work to improve education

It gives me great pleasure to be able to endorse Dr. Bart Rask for Position 5 on the Hillsboro School Board. I have always been pleased by his honesty, no nonsense, straightforward approach to leadership, and his concern for the greater good.

I have sat through town hall meetings with Bart, and have been impressed with his knowledge of the issues and his eagerness to learn more. Bart understands the complexities and the challenges of the school board, and also possesses the vision to tackle problems and find solutions where we need them most. Bart has children in our schools and first-hand knowledge of what is working and what could be done to improve education for greater successes for our kids’ futures. He cares for the education of all of Hillsboro’s children as well as his own.

Hillsboro School District citizens should support Bart Rask for the school board this May. He has the leadership experience, the vision, and the passion for education that Hillsboro needs.

Fred Marble

Forest Grove School Board


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