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Hillsboro fire department says to prepare for wind storm

Use flashlights, not candles, if the power goes out, fire department spokesman says.

Emergency personnel in Hillsboro are urging residents to prepare for a heavy rain and wind storm expected to hit the area over the weekend.

On Friday, the National Weather Service issued a high wind warning for the weekend throughout the Portland area and west to the Oregon Coast. The

An earlier rain and winds storm on Thursday didn’t do much damage in Hillsboro, according to Bruce Montgomery, a spokesman with Hillsboro Fire & Rescue, but they are preparing for worse weather on Saturday.

Montgomery said that the high winds could mean that toppled trees, and firefighters and public works crews are standing by with chainsaws to tackle any downed trees that might come down.

“If you don’t have to go anywhere this weekend, then don’t,” Hillsboro Police spokesman Lt. Mike Rouches said. “We don’t have any high water spots yet, but they take time to flood.”

If you are driving over the weekend and spot a clogged storm water drain, unclog it, Montgomery said.

“All of our employees are being very aware of storm drains, if we come across one and see it’s plugged, we’re all carrying rakes to get the water flowing again.”

Power outages aren’t uncommon in high wind event, Montgomery said. Hillsboro Fire officials are asking that residents who do lose power use flashlights instead of candles, to avoid a risk of fire, and to keep a portable radio on hand for broadcasts.

“If you are using a generator, make sure that it’s outside,” Montgomery said. “We don’t want Carbon Dioxide buildup inside your home.”