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November is National Diabetes Awareness Month

Brought to You by Joy Gephart, P.A.-C, Maple St. Clinic

Joy Gephart, P.A.-C

November is National Dia­betes Awareness Month, and here at Maple Street Clinic, we are committed to helping prevent and treat this increas­ingly common chronic disease.

Diabetes is a chronic con­dition that affects the body’s ability to use the energy found in food. The body converts the food into a form of sugar called glucose which cells use as fuel. The cells need insulin to take in the glucose and use it for en­ergy. With diabetes, the body doesn’t make enough insulin, doesn’t use it in the right way, or both.

There are two types of dia­betes. Type 1(total lack of insu­lin) cannot be prevented, but it is important that it is managed appropriately. Type 2(body produces little insulin or inef­fectively uses insulin) may be prevented or delayed by living a healthy lifestyle, which in­cluded regular exercise and a sensible diet. Some of the risk factors for diabetes are a fam­ily history of diabetes, being overweight, high blood pres­sure, a sedentary lifestyle and age. A simple screening test can tell if a patient is at risk for diabetes.

Research continues and there have been many new treatments for diabetes in the last few years which may make the condition easier to manage.

To help ease the impact dia­betes or another chronic con­dition might have on your life and to help you enjoy a higher quality of life, we offer com­prehensive and expert medi­cal care with compassion. Our physicians, physician assis­tants, and staff have extensive training and provide support, treatment and management of diabetes. For a screening or to help manage your condition, call Maple Street Clinic and make an appointment today.