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Learning to be whole and joyful

Brought to you by Linda Baker, owner of RoseSprings Center in Hillsboro, HEALING INSIDER


Sacred Light Academy at RoseSprings Center is a new school of light and Sacred Wisdom Studies for the awakening soul and the spiritually hungry. At the Sacred Light Academy you will find community, learn, grow, share, meet other like-minded people, and explore the new possibilities of a spiritually-led life.

If you find yourself waking up each morning reliving the same day, day after day, feeling life as mundane, without meaning or purpose, then it’s time to make a change! We are, after all, spiritual beings having a human experience. Your Spirit, the little piece of the Divine within yourself, is what brings joy and purpose in your life ~ and without that connection to your Divine Spirit, your human experience may appear more challenging.

Not following your true purpose can develop into chronic pain and depression. It is a longing for something more than ~ in fact you are more than ~ your job, or the role you play in society. You can be a being of infinite possibilities. Limitless!

Here at Sacred Light Academy, you will find answers to your questions; a new understanding; and ultimately experience coming home to yourself. You will know what it means to live a conscious life that is whole and joyful. Students will be inspired and strengthened through the collective wisdom of seeking a greater understanding of the spiritual meaning of life and be guided to empowerment.

To learn more about Sacred Light Academy, call the RoseSprings Center at 503-693-9101.