1913 — The Outlook reported 100 years ago (perhaps in jest) that the want ad really worked, citing the case of a Troutdale rancher who needed a wife, advertised for one, and three weeks later a Mrs. Margaret Stone arrived from Colorado. Three weeks after that, she was gone and he griped that it would take a year to get a divorce. “That’s a long time without having someone to take care of the place,” he complained.

1923 — News from Boring in 90 years ago: “Rev. Mr. Johnson, Exalted Cyclops of the Ku Klux Klan, will speak at the I.O.O.F. Hall Tuesday evening ...and the Boring Ladies Aid will serve supper to the crowd.”

by: ARCHIVE PHOTO - Every kid wanted one of these under the tree in 1933.1933 — Eighty years ago it was every tot’s dream, but not expressed in the same words, to have a velocipede. J.C. Penney Co. had one for $1.98. (See photo.)

1943 — Turkeynappers were suspected when four ready-for-market turkeys disappeared from a pen behind the home of Mrs. M.J. Gibson on Roberts Avenue 70 years ago. Mrs. Gibson went out to catch and kill the four birds for the market and found them missing.

One weighed 29 pounds and had been intended for the soldiers at the George White Center in Portland.

1953 — Beginning with the 1954 cars 60 years ago, all models of Chevrolets would come with the option of automatic transmissions.

1963 — The new Rockwood-Hartley Grade School was named 50 years ago for Dock Hartley, who homesteaded the farm where the school stands.

1973 — The mountains got skimpy snow 40 years ago, resulting in a severe energy crisis, even in the Northwest.

That was not the case in the winter of 1973, when deep snows fell, but then there was a gas shortage and people couldn’t get to the ski slopes.

1983 — The city of Columbia Ridge, meant to be the incorporation of the mid-county area between Gresham and Portland, died another death 30 years ago when the state boundary commission permitted annexation of considerable chunks of Argay Terrace and Summerplace to Portland.

The annexations chewed away at the potential city.

1993 — Clear Creek Middle School was set for a grand opening 20 years ago. Students had chosen the mascot name of Wild Cats, and painted the image of a wild cat on the gymnasium floor.

2003 — Saddam Hussein was captured, filthy and dirty, hiding in a hole 10 years ago. Though cast as a super villain, he emerged from hiding with a case of lice.

2013 — PGE’s former Roslyn Lake was sold to Metro Regional Government at this time last year for future use as an expanded space for Portland’s elephant herd.

Researched and compiled from The Outlook files. Columnist Sharon Nesbit can be reached at 503-492-5120.

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