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Coyote keeps his cool in Troutdale

Not slinking, this predator posed for a pic 'like a boss'

CONTRIBUTED PHOTO: QUINN ROSA - This coyote made himself visible Thursday afternnon, Feb. 9, near the Columbia Gorge Comfort Inn in Troutdale.

Right from the start, this coyote knew he was in charge.

Quinn Rosa, a 38-year-old human, was prepping for another shift at the Columbia Gorge Comfort Inn in Troutdale when he spotted the predator around 2 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 9.

The quick-witted coyote poked his head over a wooded berm near the hotel, located at 1000 Graham Road.

"He looked like a boss walking into the office," Rosa said in an interview. "He just looked at me, decided everything's going OK — and then — 'I'll leave ya to it.'"

It was a brief encounter, but Rosa grabbed his iPhone and was able to snap a few choice shots from the comfort of his car. The Portland resident wasn't too surprised because his supervisor, Stephanie Madrigal, had seen a coyote in the area the day before.

"He was as bold as you please," Rosa said.

Then the coyote went one way, and Rosa went to work.