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Incredible technology built for seniors

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CHERRY PARK PLAZA - Maleesa MadsenSeniors and technology aren't often thought of as going hand-in-hand. Some seniors can be slow to adopt newer technologies, and some technological innovations aren't truly designed with seniors in mind.

But seniors and technology are coming together in ways we never thought possible. Seniors are now the fastest growing demographic on social media sites like Facebook, and sites like Stitch.net are specifically targeting seniors to help them stay social as they age.

Voice-Activated Smart Devices like the Amazon Echo or Google Home are making many around-the-house tasks easier than ever before. Everything from turning the lights on or off, closing the blinds, and adjusting the thermostat can be controlled without ever lifting a finger. For seniors with mobility issues, these devices can save you from those little trips and help you live more independently--even in a retirement community!

Another cool product market that seniors are beginning to infiltrate is the wearables market. Whether it's Lively's safety watch or one of Wisewear's fashionable (and functional) safety bracelets, these wearables are combining fitness tracking tools, reminders for appointments or taking pills, and emergency response functions, all into one device. As the market grows, expect future wearables to track blood pressure, and other vital signs that are important in keeping seniors healthy.

All these technological innovations are making the lives of seniors easier, safer, and better. For seniors, the future looks bright.

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