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When is it time to start thinking about replacing your furnace?

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HONKE HEATING - Randy PrestonOne question that I get asked a lot is "How long do furnaces last? When should I start thinking about replacing my furnace?"

You likely know when you need to replace most things in your home. For example, your heating and cooling system air filter requires replacement. Your pillows require replacement every two years. Your smoke detectors should be replaced every 8-10 years. But what about your furnace?

If your heating equipment has annual maintenance and is kept in good shape, it can last 15-20 years. Once your furnace reaches 15 years of age, it's really a good time to start thinking about replacing your heating equipment with a new, more energy-efficient furnace. Installed properly, these high-efficiency heating units can save up to 20% on energy costs.

Even if your heating equipment still seems to be running fine, it's ideal to start looking now instead of waiting until your equipment breaks down in the middle of a long freeze and you're so desperate you don't have the luxury of time and research. Another reason you want to research ahead of time is to see what tax credits and manufacturer rebates are available to you.

One thing to take under advisement if your system isn't quite 20 years old and you're on the fence about replacement is how much you're spending on fixing your current furnace. You can usually repair a furnace – replace a part here, fix a piece there – but eventually the cost of repairing your heating system will be greater than the cost of replacing it and that's when you really need to examine long-term spending. If you are repairing your furnace each season, it's probably time to think about replacement.

If you aren't positive about your furnace's ability to get you through the freezing temperatures safe and toasty, give Honke Heating & Air Conditioning a call and we'd be happy to visit your home and give you a free estimate on replacing your system and provide options that meet your needs.

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