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What you'll need to train your new puppy

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NATURE'S PET MARKET - Karen SottileIn January, we tend to have customers come in with new puppies.

One of the things we talk about is crate training and how to get that right. It's an integral part of housetraining a puppy. A dog's instinct is NOT to go potty in its "den," so you want to get a crate that is big enough for them to turn around in, but not so big they can go potty in a corner.

We have wire crates with a movable internal panel that allows the crate to "grow" alongside your puppy. Just pick the crate that matches the size the dog will eventually be and you'll save money by only buying one crate for the life of your dog. Crate prices range from about $50 to $155. I like crates with more than one door so you can change where you place the crate, and they have two kinds of latches for escape artists. We also help you choose crate pads and bedding.

So as soon as your puppy comes out of the crate, it's time to go potty. Setting the puppies up to succeed is best way to make sure they housebreak easily.

Note: If you have a large-breed puppy, only feed it special large-breed puppy food -- especially if it will be 60-plus- pound dog or the breed is known to have joint problems. This sort of food makes sure they don't grow too quickly, that the bones and tendons grow at the same time.

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